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Public Disclosure Authorized 73121 The World Bank in Russia Russian Economic Report* Public Disclosure Authorized Reinvigorating the Economy â„– 28 Public Disclosure Authorized Autumn 2012 I Recent Economic Developments II Economic Outlook III In Focus: Towards Sustainable Urban Transport in Russian Cities Public Disclosure Authorized WORLD BANK * The report was prepared by a World Bank team consisting of Sergei Ulatov (Economist), Stepan Titov (Senior Economist), Mikhail Matytsin (Consultant), and Olga Emelyanova (Research Analyst), under the direction of Kaspar Richter (Lead Economist and Country Sector Coordinator for economic policy in Russia). Jung Eun Oh (Transport Economist) authored the focus note on urban transport. Lawrence Kay provided the section on credit, John Baffes (Consultant) the box on the global oil market, and Dilek Aykut (Senior Economist) the assessment on the global outlook. We are grateful for advice from and discussions with Michal Rutkowski (Country Director for Russia), Yvonne Tsikata (Director for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management in the Europe and Central Asia Region), Benu Bidani (Sector Manager for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova), Lada Strelkova (Country Program Coordinator for Russia), and Carolina Sanchez (Lead Economist and Regional Poverty Coordinator).

Reinvigorating the economy - Russian Economic Report 28, October 2012

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