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Campus Recreation Volume 18, Issue 1 Think Purple! Think Campus Rec! Think Western! Connection As I reflect on this past year, my pride in the team we have become here in Campus Recreation comes to the forefront. Each person continually impresses me with their spirit, creativity, and passion to excel, learn, and lead! Providing meaningful and quality experiences to our students and community continues to be our priority. Similar to many universities these days, challenges include enrollment and funding. I am very proud that our team understands the significance of these issues and they continually seek to be a part of the solution. From teaching, mentoring, and volunteering to spearheading new community-centered events, I have enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm that has shined through in our many department-wide efforts. Yes, there are ebbs and flows and ups and downs, but overall, everyone has been there for each other when we have needed it. Campus Recreation plays a major role in supporting the University’s primary initiative of recruitment and retention. Aside from the sports and open recreation we are all familiar with, these are just a few of the efforts we contribute toward these goals: ▷▷We are proud to host the opening session of the six Discover Western programs. We provide approximately 25 students, GAs and staff for each event to meet families and give tours of our facility. ▷▷Seven Campus Recreation Staff mentored first year students in the Building Connections program. ▷▷Seven professional staff members taught University 100 classes in 2013, a required class for all first-year students, to assist in successful transition to the University. ▷▷In the fall, we co-hosted Leatherneck Fun Day with Athletics targeted at families. ▷▷We organized a community effort for the central Illinois tornado relief, the Nearly Naked Mile! ▷▷This year not only did we host the evening SOAR (summer orientation) entertainment, but we had Spring 2014 additional student leaders there to intentionally engage students and provide another positive experience here at Western. ▷▷We also hosted special departmental recruitment efforts, such as Experience Western, tours and assisted with the Western Express recruitment effort of the Admissions Office. ▷▷Student Employment – 2013 ▷▷ Campus Recreation – 52,421 hours with 88 employees ▷▷ Harry Mussatto Golf Course – 4,573 with 19 employees I am blessed to work with such fine professionals, graduate assistants, and students. They are simply the best! WIU Campus Recreation strives to be a leader among institutions with our positive image of the caring and creative nature of the entire student and professional staff. We collectively understand our role is to be of service to our community. Thank you for being a part of this legacy! Milly MacDonell, Director Sports Management ‘00 The Fall 2013 Western Illinois University Campus Recreation staff posed for a group shot during Student Employee Training Day in August.

Western Connection Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2014

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