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THEORY OF CHANGE MISSION :: As urban populations continue to grow at unsustainable rates the global community is faced with the colossal challenge of providing cities with enough fresh food. The Windowfarms Project strives to combat this issue through creative communitydriven innovation. NASA is researching how to hydroponically grow food in the most unlikely setting -outer space. The windowfarms project is researching how to hydroponically grow food in another unlikely setting -the urban apartment. A windowfarm is a vertical hydroponic systems made of recycled bottles and other common household materials. It is used indoors to grow herbs and vegetables yearround. The Windowfarms Project connects, assists, and recruits urban dwellers. We give away free instructions that help individuals build their own vertical hydroponic systems.Using these systems they may grow some of their own food inside their inner-city apartments. Then, these new windowfarmers contribute back to the project through testing, proposing, and sharing local innovations which improve the designs over time. In less than one year, more than 17,000 windowfarmers around the world have come together to try and solve one of the critical challenges facing the health of our bodies, our social infrastructures, and our Planet.

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