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City Council Goal: VII. Environmental Sustainability City Council Initiative: Drinking Water System Category: Public Utilities Department: Utility Fund Project Title: Water Distribution/Storage Project Description: Water Tank Painting This project is for the painting of three water storage tanks in the City: 1. 2. 3. 500,000 gallon Jamestown Road elevated tank 500,000 gallon Magruder elevated tank 1,000,000 gallon City Shop ground tank It is anticipated that complete sandblasting of the tanks will not be required. They were last painted in 1995 and were sandblasted at the time. The City’s 750,000 gallon Quarterpath at Williamsburg elevated tank was brought online in FY13 and therefore will not require painting. Estimated Capital Budget: FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 $400,000 FY18 Total $400,000 Fiscal Impact: Tank painting will have a positive impact on the operation and maintenance costs of the water system. E - 45

City of Williamsburg FY 2014 Budget

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