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Fall 2004 A L U M N I P R O F I L E S : L AW I N T H E FA M I LY SISTER ACT Heidi (L), Holly (R) and their parents, Mark and Kathy. Holly catching a coho. Heidi and Holly in Russia. Holly is in her third year at WUCL. 12 The term“mundane” doesn’t exist in the Drygass family vocabulary. For sisters Heidi JD’03 and Holly JD’05, growing up on the rural outskirts of Fairbanks, Alaska, meant that adventure was only a step out the door. W hen it came to their education, however, the chance to study law at Willamette beckoned with a different kind of opportunity – one that promised to test the ruggedness of their minds. The only sisterly rivalry between Heidi and Holly Drygass is who can talk most glowingly about Alaska. The closeness they display comes from a tight-knit family and the fact that they lived miles away from other kids their age. They were raised together on a steady diet of the Alaskan outdoors – hiking, skiing, fishing, snowshoeing and camping. “Those are the hobbies that we’re used to because that’s how you entertain yourself in Alaska,” explains Heidi, the eldest sister by two years. “There certainly aren’t any amusement parks in Alaska.” Why did these sisters leave the splendors of Alaska to study law in Oregon? Heidi and Holly have a simple explanation – they were looking for a challenge. “We like the idea of being challenged,” says Heidi. “We’ve never shied away from anything and law school presented a new and exciting opportunity.” “I knew that the profession of law would challenge all of my faculties,” says Holly. “I also knew that I would never go to work and feel bored or find myself doing something mundane.” For Heidi, studying law at Willamette tested her limits mentally, physically and emotionally. She also describes her time at Willamette as one of the most stimulating in her life. “I miss that atmosphere of being with people who really want to learn,” she says. “The people who go to law school, especially at a place like Willamette, are driven and want to discuss important issues in law and in life. They are also just down-to-earth and fun to be around. They’re normal people with extraordinary abilities.” Those same qualities piqued Holly’s interest in Willamette. Having her older sister at the same law school was “icing on the cake.” She had someone to show her the ropes and provide a steadying hand dur-

Willamette Lawyer | Fall 2004 • Vol. IV, No. 2

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