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Outer spread • • • • • General, theoretical and computational aspects of the functional group, for example, quantum chemical treatment, structural and conformational chemistry, thermochemistry Characterization and characteristics of functional groups with chapters covering both qualitative and quantitative methods of determination, such as UV, IR, NMR, ESR, PES, RD, CD and mass spectrometry. It will also cover the basicity, acidity or the complex forming ability of the group The formation of the functional group and the reactions, transformations and rearrangements which the functional group can undergo, also including synthesis and reactions mechanisms as diverse as photochemistry, radiation chemistry, biochemical formation or classic synthesis and catalysis The biological aspects in both biochemistry and molecular biology as well as its application in medicinal chemistry, drug development and drug discovery Data and reviews on the important industrial applications in fields such as polymers, materials and nano-materials Fully searchable, volumes can be viewed online in chronological order in the Tables of Contents, or alternatively browse by topic headings from Acids and Bases to Toxicology. ePatai is edited by series editors: Zvi Rappoport, Joel F. Liebman and Illan Marek, and the following guest editors: Jacob Zabicky, Yitzhak Apeloig, Frank R. Hartley and Alexander Greer. These volumes are currently available online within ePatai: Peroxides, Volume 3 (2014) Phenols (2003) Organoiron Compounds (2013) Organic Selenium and Tellurium, Volume 4 (2013) Organic Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds, Volume 2 (2003) Metal Phenolates (2013) Organic Silicon Compounds, Volume 3 (2001) Organic Selenium and Tellurium Compounds, Volume 3 (2012) Dienes and Polyenes, Volume 2 (2000) Organomanganese Compounds (2011) Organic Silicon Compounds, Volume 2 (1998) Hydroxylamines, Oximes and Hydroxamic Acids, Volume 2 (2010) Hydrazo, Azo and Azoxy Groups, Volume 2 (1997) Organocopper Compounds (2009) Dienes and Polyenes, Volume 1 (1997) Metal Enolates (2009) Amino, Nitroso, Nitro and Related Groups, Volume 3 (1996) Hydroxylamines, Oximes and Hydroxamic Acids, Volume 1 (2008) Organomagnesium Compounds (2008) Organic Derivatives of Gold and Silver (1999) Double-bonded Functional Groups, Volume 3 (1997) Organophosphorus Compounds, Volume 4 (1996) Saul Patai, was responsible for the Series from 1964 to 1998. He had the help of a range of editors including Zvi Rappoport, and the Series expanded from covering classical functional groups such as alkenes, ethers, carboxylic acids and esters to the chemistry of metalcarbon bonds. He truly established the Series as a major resource for all chemistry students and researchers. In the last years before his death he co-edited a lot of volumes together with Zvi Rappoport and prepared Zvi for his future role as Editor-in-Chief. ¾¾ Find out more ¾¾ Download sample content ¾¾ Recommend to your librarian Please recommend to your librarian. If you require further information, you can contact us via email at Library Recommendation Form ¾ Find more n I recommend that the library purchases¾ the e-MRW,out e-Patai (ISBN: 978-0-470-68253-1) n I recommend that the library purchases¾ the Patai onlinesample book series (ISSN: 2042-5651) ¾ Browse n I recommend that the library purchases the e-MRW, e-Patai (ISBN: 978-0-470-68253-1) content and the Patai online book series (ISSN: 2042-5651) Name Department Peroxides, Volume 2 (2006) Halides, Pseudo-Halides and Azides, Volume 2 (1995) Special deals are available for combined purchases speak to your Account Manager for details. Download the full listing of contents for the entire Patai series here: Comments 1964 - 2014 ¾¾ Recommend to your librarian ¾¾ Or set up a free trial For librarians: Pre-1995 titles (97 volumes) are available online within the Patai Online Book Series. Years of Excellence Please pass on to your librarian Cyclopropyl Group, Volume 2 (1995) Coming Soon… Organogold Compounds (2014) THE SMART ARTICLE For academics and researchers: Organozinc Compounds (2007) Organolithium Compounds, Volume 1 (2004) The most complete resource in functional group chemistry now including ¾¾ Set up a free trial ¾¾ Be part of our celebration activities during 2014! Anilines (2007) Cyclobutanes (2005) Functional Groups Visit today to: Organic Germanium, Tin and Lead Compounds, Volume 1 (1995) Organolithium Compounds, Volume 2 (2006) Patai’s Chemistry of Ilan Marek, will take over from Zvi Rappoport in 2014 and will be responsible for the future development of the Series. He will continue to have the support from Zvi Rappoport and Joel Liebman, and he will also continue with the tradition to get the help from guest editors to edit specific themes and topics. Currently he is editing with Zvi Rappoport and Joel Liebman, a volume on The Chemistry of organogold compounds. This volume will be published in 2014 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of The chemistry of alkenes. Zvi Rappoport, edited the Series from 1999 to 2013 (co-editing with Saul Patai from 1992 to 1998). In this time the Series changed from a print publication to an online publication. For this purpose he created an Editorial Board and together with Joel Liebman and Ilan Marek they managed to continue editing 2 – 3 full volumes per year. In addition they also had the help of guest editors, including Jacob Zabicky, Ytzhak Apeloig and Alexander Greer. At the end of 2013 Zvi Rappoport retires as Editor-in-Chief, but he will continue to support his successor. For quick answers to your questions or to talk over which licensing options would work best for you, please contact our Customer Service Team or your Wiley Account Manager. NORTH, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA Europe, Middle East, Africa Asia Pacific John Wiley & Sons Inc Tel: 877 762 2974 Fax: 800 597 3299 E-mail: John Wiley & Sons Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1243 843294 Fax: +44 (0)1243 843296 E-mail: John Wiley & Sons Singapore Pte. Ltd. T: +65 6302 9800 F: +65 6265 1782 E: For regular updates on chemistry reference and books content, sign up at 55907 - MITM021152 Each volume contains detailed information on the chemistry of the functional group, with the following topics featured in each volume: The Editors-in-Chief - Past, Present and Future ✃ ePatai – a wealth of invaluable content online Celebrate with us! Download a virtual issue of sample content and more at:

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