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The Wicked Running Register September 2013 • Priceless EST. JAN 2010 Race Review: Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5K – September 29, 2013 Shannon Downey I ran the Brookline Symphony Orchestra 5K Fun Run with Billy (Billy Hutchinson, fellow Wicked member and my loving hubby.) It was a beautiful day for a running and for a good cause. The Brookline Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit, fully volunteer orchestra that relies on this race to help fund their season. This was the third year of the race. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am friends with the race director (Greg Gordon) and have known him for years. He is a Boston Marathon qualifier and loves to run and race. I gave him some advice when he first started this race but this was the first year I’ve run it. Getting to the race was a breeze – it was a two loop run on the path around the reservoir in Brookline. An easy drive and my GPS got us right there. I think it’s on the T as well. I don’t normally love two loops but this one was OK because it was so pretty. Also, I appreciated the fact that we weren’t on the street so there was less of a chance of getting hit by a car. Parking was limited but we got there early so it wasn’t a problem. When we arrived to pick up our numbers we were greeted by members of the orchestra set up and playing classical music. There were also a few vendors: Whole Foods, a massage therapist and some company that was giving out deli- cious looking bread. Check-in was well staffed and there were indoor bathrooms as well. What makes this race unique is that there are members of the orchestra set up around the course, playing music for us as we ran. Very nice! There was even a fiddler in one of the trees directly over the course. The course itself was very, very flat until you get the final point one, which was actually a downhill finish. The surface of the path is crushed stone (same as the Danvers Rail Trail) which is OK but not my favorite. Those of you that know me know that I am a fan of one surface – hot top. I don’t like my sneakers getting that dusty. Billy thought that the surface was difficult to race on because he felt like he was slipping which I understand – it felt a little unstable at points. The first half of the loop is completely exposed and the sun was HOT but the second portion of it had some shade from the trees. It’s also not closed to the public but it wasn’t an issue. As for my personal race experience, I decided that I was going to race this one and go for a PR. Why not? I was pushing hard for the first mile and had to dial it back because I didn’t think I could sustain the pace. It didn’t help my psyche that Greg’s 9 year old son passed continued, next page

WRR September 2013

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