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August 1st 2013 , Swiss National Day NEW: Management Thinking Mistakes iPhone App The creators behind this new iPhone App believe, it is time for better decisions and this app will add a little part to do so. BREAKING NEWS Harvard University will use this App for their upcoming course "Modern Dilemmas in the Corporation of the 21st century" from September 2013* (more Information on this breaking news story at the end of this communication here below) DOWNLOAD is free for the first 99 hours. Access iTunes App store WHY? There are many great websites, articles, even books out there covering those errors and thinking traps. But there is not yet a tool, which can be used right before a meeting or before taking an important decision, which will be at your hand and prepare you to avoid those thinking traps. URL is Or search for : “Management Thinking Mistakes� from within the App Store on your iPhone / iPad 3 EASY STEPS: Select objective of decision to take >> show thinking traps >> how to avoid? 3 STEP CHECK IF YOU NEED THIS APP If you can say NO to all those 3 thinking traps listed here below, you can stop reading..

Management mistake thinking ap press release

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