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URGENT Petition to prevent Bishop Michael Reid and Dr Ruth Reid being evicted from their home by the Peniel Church, Brentwood Organised by James & Gabriella Jandu Email: Sign online: Email for details or print and fill this petition Please respond before 10th August 2010 (This date may be extended) “In over 40 years of ministry this is the greatest case of injustice I have ever seen done to a man of God! I will not rest until justice is met.” Apostle A.T.B. Williams, Christ Faith Tabernacle, London “We have documented evidence that the Peniel Pentecostal Church had discussed with solicitors and the trustees to provide the Reid’s with life time occupancy of Testimony House. All involved are fully aware of this. They are now illegally reversing the contractual agreement made. This is not Christianity, this is a vicious act of revenge and malice” James Peter Jandu “it was stated in the statement that ‘Meidre tried to point out that the adultery had given people the opportunity to vent their own personal offences about the way in which MSBR dealt with them over the years’. This confirmed what had been suspected all along, that the dismissal of the Claimant was purely opportunistic and that the real reason or the principal reason for the dismissal was not because of the misconduct of adultery.” Employment Tribunal, Closing Submission of Claimant “1n 1992, Archbishop Benson Idahosa came to the Church and pledged that the congregation needs to be grateful for this great work done by Bishop and Dr Ruth Reid by contributing enough money to BUY their own home. That Night, enough money was raised to buy the Testimony House from which they are now being evicted. When the money was raised, it was given to the Bishop and Ruth to Buy their home, but they refused to be selfish and requested the money to put in the Church's purse. When the house was purchased, they were promised that they could live in it forever, even outside ministerial engagements. I know because I was there. I ALSO GAVE A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY TOWARDS THE HOUSE THAT NIGHT.” Ayo Ademakinwa What you are about to read may shock you. I hope it shocks you into action like it did us. Since we came to know about the situation with Bishop Reid and the church he founded we have been deeply moved to assist in any way to support him in his fight to see that justice is met. The fight started months before we arrived but as more and more people are discovering what is happening they too are joining in to rally around the Reid’s. 1

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