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Spring 2014 Issue 41 We are Mills Student Op-Ed: Raising the bar of social justice and inclusivity among the privileged by Taryn Marshall Originally, I was going to write about the wonderful Pocketbook and Panza Monologues event put on by the Black Women’s Collective and Mujeres Unidas this year at Mills College. While I do want to acknowledge the amazing Black History Month programs in February, a series of recent events undermined what was supposed to be a celebration of the Black and African diaspora. An anonymous post, broadcasted on the unofficial Mills College Confessions Facebook page, allegedly claimed that the Black women on campus are too aggressive and they should be lynched, followed with #HappyBlackHistoryMonth. I first heard about this hateful post from a roommate, who was notified by text from an online witness. As black women, understanding the historical depths of that statement, we held each other in a silent acknowledgement of this assault. Shock became anger and disgust. Evidence of this racist hatred has since been deleted, but those who were targeted have been left deeply triggered and hurt by its threat. The Facebook post, the Silent demonstration protest. Adams Plaza. March 5th, 2014. subsequent rumors, and the administration’s initially evasive response, are just the frustrating surface ripples of a much deeper issue. Racism has always existed on this campus— as it does everywhere—and it has always been felt by Black students. Students have long felt ignored and marginalized by racism as it unconsciously and consciously makes its way into classrooms and dorms, Continue on page 6 In This Issue 2...Department Updates 3...Student Awards 4...Bahamian Women’s Suffrage 6...Student Op-Ed 7...BWC list of demands 10...Backpage THE MEG QUIGLEY WOMEN’S, GENDER & SEXUALITY STUDIES DEPARTMENT AT MILLS COLLEGE

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