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No. 30/Spring 2002 Cheryl Leggon, Director Linda Mecum, Editor 336/758-3758 Class of 1962 Alumnae Friends of Women’s Studies Sponsor Lynn Weber Visit Linda Mecum In the spring of 1962 a group of young women at Wake Forest University were preparing to receive undergraduate degrees and move on to the next chapter of t he i r l i ve s — p r o f es s i o na l school, graduate school, career, marriage, children, etc. These nineteen women have kept in touch and periodically meet for a week or so to remember college days and talk about their personal and professional lives since graduation. In the fall of 2000, at a mountain retreat celebrating their common passage to age 60, they decided to make a contribution to Wake Forest University in support of women. The spokesperson for the group, Meyressa Hughes Schoonmaker, met with (Continued on page 4) Appreciation Gary Lowman (’02) At home. For the past three years, that is where I have been in the Women’s Studies Program. People often ask me what it is like to be a male Women’s Studies minor. I tell them it is liberating. As a Women’s Studies minor, I get to discuss those topics so foreign to other men and I get a chance to see the uninhibited perspectives of women. Often in class I feel as though I am on the cutting edge, learning all the secrets that men so desperately want to know but are too afraid to ask. In class I get a chance to see the walls of hierarchy shatter and I understand the true power of equity among individuals. This experience is nothing short of liberating. Though I have felt unhindered in many of my Women’s Studies classes, I also have realized the overt discrimination and subtle inconsistencies women (and all other minorities) must face everyday that men seldom notice. The classes have truly opened my eyes to the world around me. I waltzed onto this campus safely sheltered by my oblivion. Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon Women’s Studies my sophomore year and the strong, wise women in this program steadfastly broke through my shelter to save me from my own oblivion. Everything I thought and believed was challenged. I was driven to see through another lens, refocus my own lens, or maintain my ground for every belief I once held. The experience of really being challenged to take hold of my own beliefs and let go of those made for me is why I came to college in the first place. Thus, it was through Women’s Studies that I was able to truly learn and benefit from my college education. I am leaving this university as a stronger, more compassionate person thanks to the strength and compassion shown to me by the women of this program. I know for a fact that I would not be heading to New York City (Continued on page 3) Upcoming Events May 14, 2001 Breast Cancer and Physical Activity Dr. Shannon Mihalko, Health and Exercise Sciences of WFU 12:00 noon, Sticht Center Auditorium May 19, 2002 College Honors & Awards Convocation 1:00 p.m., Brendle Recital Hall May 19, 2002 Women’s Studies Graduation Reception for Minors and Faculty 4:15 p.m., Tribble Hall Main Lobby May 25, 2002 Fifth Annual Excellence Triathlon To raise awareness and support prevention of family violence Reynolda campus (sponsored by WHCOE) June 13-16, 2002 National Women’s Studies Association 23rd Annual Conference Las Vegas, Nevada. Plenaries: Women of All Colors Building an Inclusive Organization Together, Political Women and Political Power, and Body Politics August 27, 2002 Women’s Studies Open House/Reception for Faculty and Students 1:00 p.m., Tribble Hall Main Lobby, WST Office and WST Library/Lounge Watch for dates, locations and times of other Women’s Studies events.

2002 Spring/Summer Newsletter

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