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Women’s and Gender Studies at Wake Forest University News & Notes News from the Director WGS 101: Building a Stronger WFU Community This spring semester has simply flown by! I have quickly found out that there is never a dull moment in this dynamic program. Linda Mecum and I are challenged with something new every week; keeping up with that buzz of activities and inexhaustible WGS 101 is a new course (1 hour), conducted via Blackboard administrators, that gives event organizers an interested audience and students an opportunity to experience and reflect analytically in writing on the diverse cultural and intellectual life of Wake Forest, with an emphasis on Women’s and Gender Studies events and topics. A passing grade requires attendance and short writeup of each approved event, plus a course review at the end of semester. Do you have a cultural event related to Women’s and Gender Wanda Balzano Director (Continued on page 2) Plath Scholar Speaks at Wake Mary DeShazer (English/WGS) No. 38/Spring-Summer 2006 Wanda Balzano, Director Linda Mecum, Editor 336/758-3758 Dr. Patricia Martin to Lecture Sociologists for Women in Society recently announced that the 2006 Feminist Activist Campus Lecture/Visit has been awarded to Dr. Angela Hattery, Zachary Smith Reynolds Associate Professor of Sociology and Core Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Wake Forest University. Via a competitive application process, Dr. Hattery’s proposal outlined the general and specific issues of violence against women nationally, in North Carolina, and Martin (Continued on page 10) Studies that you would like students Community (Continued on page 8) On April 6, 2006, faculty and students affiliated with the Women’s and Gender StudAnita Helle and Mary ies Program enDeShazer pose for a joyed a lecture by photo after Helle’s Professor Anita talk. Helle, editor of the forthcoming collection The Unraveling Archives: Essays on Sylvia Plath (University of Michigan Press, 2007). Helle is Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the English Department at Oregon State University and a scholar of American literature, modernist poetics, and feminist theory. The Unraveling Archive offers intriguing new inPlath Scholar (Continued on page 8) Interview with Rose Stremlau Shanna Depow Annie McAdams (’07) The Women’s and Gender Studies Program has been enriched this spring by Visiting Professor Rose Stremlau, teaching WGS 377: Ethnohistory of Native American Women, and coteaching WGS 221: Issues in Women’s and Gender Studies. Originally from Chicago, Stremlau earned her B.A. in History and Sociology at the University of Chicago before continuing to Stremlau (Continued on page 2) 2 - Number of openly gay elected officials currently serving in North Carolina. 5 - Number of Karissa Flynn openly gay elected officials in the history of North Carolina. 2 - Number of states recognizing homosexual relationships in some manner. 18 - Number of state constitutions including a “marriage protection” amendment. 27 - Number of states restricting marriage to one man and one woman. 1,138 - Number of benefits restricted to access by married heterosexual couples only. The 2003 Supreme Court decision in the groundbreaking case of Lawrence v. Texas, abolishing any remaining sodomy laws, was “a rock lifted from our shoulders,” in the words of author John D’Emilio. On March 17, D’Emilio addressed a group of lawyers at a Continuing Legal Education Seminar held by North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Attorneys, which also featured Wake Forest Equality (Continued on page 2) Equality for All? My Visit with Rebecca Walker Rebecca Walker, the influential feminist scholar and daughter of novelist Alice Walker, made a visit to Wake Shanna looks on as Forest in January, and I Rebecca Walker had the unique privilege autographs her of hanging out with her, book. one-on-one, on the night of her arrival. Well, we weren’t exactly “hanging out.” I was actually driving Ms. Walker from Durham back to Wake, where she was to address one of my classes and give a lecture the following Walker (Continued on page 8) Upcoming Events June 15-18, 2006 National Women’s Studies Association 27th Annual Conference Oakland, California SPEAK Series Korinne Chiu: Body Image and SelfEsteem Dates/times/locations TBA Colloquium with Dr. Rose Stremlau Date/time/location TBA Dr. Patricia Martin Lecture Date/time/location TBA

2006 Spring/Summer Newsletter

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