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Pinellas Park Police Department VEHICLE PURSUITS Subject: Vehicle Pursuits SOP 2203 Version 5 Effective: 2-6-2008 Authority of: Chief Dorene Thomas Distribution and Scope: STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE This policy applies to all members of the agency. CONTENTS: 2203.01 2203.02 2203.03 2203.04 2203.05 2203.06 2203.07 2203.08 2203.09 2203.10 2203.11 2203.12 Initiating A Pursuit Tactics Responsibilities of the Primary Unit Responsibilities of the Secondary Unit Supervisor's Responsibilities Dispatcher Responsibility Aviation Support Termination of the Pursuit Reporting Information Inter-jurisdictional Pursuits Legal character and intent Road Blocks POLICY It shall be the policy of the Pinellas Park Police Department to strictly regulate the manner a vehicular pursuit is undertaken and performed. Motor vehicle pursuits are permissible only when prescribed conditions are met. A motor vehicle pursuit shall be discontinued immediately once it becomes apparent that it is no longer justified or no longer meets the criteria to continue under this policy. DISCUSSION A. The primary mission of law enforcement is to protect lives, property and maintain security for citizens. Within this goal, it is important to establish procedures to be followed before police officers become involved in vehicular pursuits. B. Once the driver refuses to obey or fails to comply with a police officer's order to stop, the pursuit policy and procedures will apply. A pursuit will terminate when all police units having direct engagement with the violator have (1) turned off all emergency equipment, and (2) resumed normal driving. C. The fact that an officer is engaged in a pursuit does not relieve nor protect an officer from the consequences of the reckless disregard for the safety of others. Every precaution must be taken to protect other motorists and pedestrians because a pursuit driver, if involved in a collision, may be subject to criminal indictment or civil damages for injuries inflicted. FSS 316.072(5) "Obedience to and effect of traffic laws", grants authority to emergency vehicles to disregard traffic controls, when in the pursuit of an actual or SOP 2203.Vehicle Pursuits.V5. (LR 8/2013) 1 of 9

Pinellas Park Police vehicle pursuit policy

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