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PASCO SHERIFF'S OFFICE GENERAL ORDER TITLE: VEHICLE PURSUIT OPERATIONS GENERAL ORDER: 41.3.1 EFFECTIVE: JANUARY 7, 2013 SUPERSEDES: JUNE 9, 2011 ACCREDITATION STANDARDS: CALEA 41.2.1, 41.2.2 CFA 17.07, 17.08, 17.09 PAGES: 7 CONTENTS: I. II. III. IV. V. This order consists of the following numbered sections: DEPUTIES’ RESPONSIBILITIES COMMUNICATIONS SECTION RESPONSIBILITIES PATROL SUPERVISOR RESPONSIBILITIES TRAINING SECTION RESPONSIBILITIES GLOSSARY PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to enhance the safety of the public and agency members by establishing guidelines for deputies to use when operating Sheriff’s Office vehicles during a decision with regard to vehicle pursuit. SCOPE: This order applies to all members. DISCUSSION: Vehicle pursuits conducted by law enforcement personnel often present a significant risk of danger to the safety of the general public, the deputies involved, and the occupants of a fleeing vehicle. National studies have determined that most vehicle pursuit operations conducted by law enforcement are usually short in duration and often result in a crash. Therefore, it is imperative that deputies are adequately trained, equipped, and prepared to make reasonable decisions and to utilize police intervention tactics that minimize foreseeable dangers during high risk pursuit situations. 1

Pasco Sheriff's Office pursuit policy

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