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cityArts CELEB SINCE 1985 P. 9 EVERY THURSDAY NYPRESS.COM • THE LARGEST PAPER ON THE WEST SIDE • FEBRUARY 13, 2014 PAGE 14 Where to (Almost) Find Love on the UWS We tracked the most recent Manhattan locations of Craigslist’s “missed connection” posts By Megan Bungeroth Plotting Traffic Deaths on the Upper West Side A new study of pedestrian fatilities in New York pinpoints the danger zones for the the Upper West Side. The report by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign analyzes traffic fatality data for the entire region, showing details of each death in the three years from 2010 to 2012. According to the group, 13 pedestrians died from traffic accidents on the Upper West Side during that period, almost half of them on Broadway, which was singled out by the group as being among the city’s deadliest avenues. The totals for the period don’t include a number of fatilities in recent months -- deaths that have galvanized the city and spurred renewed calls for changes in safety laws. On the group’s map, blue dots represent the deaths of adults between the ages of 16 and 59, pink is for seniors 60 years old, and green dots represent fatalities under the age of 16. To view the map yourself, go to City life is full of near-hits and glancing what-ifs. Most people go about their day giving little thought to what could have been if they had reached across the subway aisle and asked the cute girl in the red hat for her number before she got off at Chambers Street, disappearing forever behind the closing doors. But a few dogged, lovestruck fools take their chance encounters (or non-encounters, as the case usually is) to the pages of Craigslist, posting under the Missed Connection heading, hoping against hope that the object of their infatuation will scour the listings and recognize the description of themselves as “the very red hair security/maintenance guy at the Natural History Museum” or the man with “black curly hair tied behind in a bun...reading a book on cosmology” who quelled a stranger’s screaming child by whipping up a balloon animal on the subway. Craiglist only keeps Missed Connections posts active for a few weeks, so there is a fleeting nature to the endeavor, and Continued on page 4 ALSO INSIDE CONSTRUCTION ON W. 93RD STREET? P.2 OUT & ABOUT P.6 NEW APP SHOWS OFF UWS LANDMARKS P.8

West Side Spirit February 13th, 2014

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