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SENIORS battle is on ENTERTAINMENT STARTS PAGE 41 exclusive columns on page 8 pull-out fyi magazine inside DEDICATED SECTION INSIDE GILLARD AND ABBOTT ANDREW’S SECOND CHANCE DECEMBER 14 2012 ISSUE 1083 PROUDLY INDEPENDENT CIRCULATION: 58,865 THE HEARTBEAT OF PENRITH MEMBERS VOTE The light at the end of the tunnel for Panthers became much brighter on Monday when members of the Penrith Rugby League Club agreed to deamalgamate from the Cardiff, Mekong and Triglav clubs. “We’ve virtually wiped two thirds of our debt out in one hit,” Panthers Chairman, Don Feltis, said after Monday’s Extraordinary General Meeting. The Mounties Group will purchase the Mekong and Triglav clubs, whilst Wests Group will purchase Cardiff Panthers. POLITICS REVIEW This is the design Penrith City Council has endorsed for the new Nepean River Green Bridge. This is your bridge We look back on a remarkable year PAGES 20-21 Council endorses design originally rejected by RMS CASSANDRA O CONNOR P enrith City Council has endorsed a design for the Nepean River Green Bridge that the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) previously ruled out as an option due to construction costs. Councillors have thrown their support behind a truss bridge designed by Ki Studio, which minimises impact on the Nepean River rowing course and has plenty of social space for visitors. After public disquiet about the designs put forward by the Roads and Maritime Services, Council employed GM Urban Design and Architecture to review all of the possibilities originally submitted for the Green Bridge as part of a design competition earlier this year. The independent reviewers found that the Ki Studio design: “offers a strong response to the design of the Victoria Bridge and interpretation of its history... its sense of fun and event is excellent”. “As a Council we should be very happy that this is progressing, the Ki design is certainly far better than the alternatives,” Cr Ross Fowler stated. Director of Ki Studio, Miguel Wuestmann, said that the bridge was designed to be an attraction in itself, a design that would be iconic. “We chose a truss design because it is comparatively cheaper so that additional funds could be spent on the social aspects of the bridge such as viewing platforms,” he said. But the only hurdle will be the cost of the bridge. According to Mr Wuestmann, the original bridge design had a rough, preliminary costing “in the high 20’s [million dollars]” but the State Government has a strict budget of $20 million. The Weekender understands that the concept design has gone through value engineering exercises to reduce the cost of the concept. MP for Penrith, Stuart Ayres, has welcomed the Ki Studio design endorsement: “I thank Council for their contribution to the steering group and their unanimous support for the [bridge]”. SPORTS WRAP A year of highs and lows in Penrith PAGES 74-75 Call now for our Pre-Summer Specials! HUGE DISCOUNTS ON ALL DUCTED SYSTEMS 1083WWD21498 View our website for all Current Promotions AIR CONDITIONING Licence No: EC21515 Ph: 4731 1111 or 0432 418 105 much more than lighting... SWANN Voyager Outdoor Remote Control Helicopter SWNSWTOY-VOYAGE-AU 9995 $ 1083WWD20807 each PRICE INCLUDES GST JRT LIGHT HOUSE 120 Batt Street, Penrith NSW Phone: 02 4732 3344 LIGHTING COOLING & HEATING DIGITAL TV ELECTRICAL SMART HOUSE GREEN HOUSE

Western Weekender 14 December issue

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