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Spring 2013 Issue, Volume 3 MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT NEWSLETTER About the Department Mission Statement: The Management/Economics Department provides students with conceptual knowledge, analytical tools, practical skills, and experiences they will be able to use and build upon wherever they work. Our mission is to advance the intellectual, ethical, and social development of students so they become personally and socially responsible managers, l e a d e r s , a n d i n d i vi du a l contributors who create value for their organizations and communities. Areas of Study Number of Students Management Majors 91 Accounting Majors 36 Accounting Minors 3 Management Minors 35 Economics Minors 17 Health Care Minors 18 Organizational Leadership 15 Sport Management Concentration 17 Students working in the Leadership at Work class. Faculty News Dr. Sharon McKechnie presented a lecture on the importance of considering organizational culture for entrepreneurs to a group of visiting students from InterCollege Business School in The Netherlands. The students visited Emmanuel as part of a week long tour of possible graduate schools in the Boston area. Fall 2013 Dept. Electives If you are interested in taking an elective in the Management and Economics Department, here are four classes that are being offered for the upcoming fall semester: MGMT 2211—Leadership: Person and Process—More and more employers and graduate schools are looking for students who have the ability to analyze and apply leadership theories and concepts. This class works well as a stand-alone introduction and overview of the field as well as the jumping off point for students interested in pursuing the leadership minor. May be counted as part of the Organizational Leadership minor. MGMT 2202—International Management—This course focuses on the strategic role of culture and ethics in the implementation of global strategies in a world with everaccelerating advances in technology and complexity in global business relationships. ECON 3105—Money and Financial Markets— This course analyzes questions such as what money is, how the stock market works, and how financial markets impact the economy. The course takes an in-depth look at the U.S. economy as well as the bond market, markets in stocks, foreign currencies and financial futures and derivatives. The impacts of financial activity on economic activity will also be explored throughout the semester. M G MT 2401 —I ntr odu ct ion to Sp or t Management—Principles, practices and issues in sport management. This course will provide an overview of the history of sport and sport management in the United States, the relationship between sports and society, the business of sport, contemporary legal and ethical issues that are associated with athletes, athletics, and organized sports and career possibilities for students interested in sport management. This class may be counted toward the Sport Management Concentration. 1

MGMTECON Newsletter VOL-3

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