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PM#0382659799 Cat Lake breaks ground on new school construction PAGE 7 Student’s arrest leads to protest in Constance Lake PAGE 3 Aroland wants records of Ring of Fire meetings PAGE 6 9,300 copies distributed $1.50 May 10, 2012 Vol. 39 No. 11 Northern Ontario’s First Nation Voice since 1974 Traditional healing for oxy abuse Celebrating beaver in Mattagami Rick Garrick Wawatay News Lenny Carpenter/Wawatay News A demonstrator shows onlookers how to skin a beaver during the Mattagami Beaverfest 2012 held on April 28. The annual festival enables the sharing of culture, said Mattagami First Nation Chief Walter Naveau. See page 9. Ft< Ua pi> ewgnbH , ;E;cooH b<jo> 4`3 , m<xv JjcoH b<j” Io h%xUs% nbnbd fcvenm yMpmhU ,j |oojcoH| i<g , bkvyhH b<j”| hj mw ewgvH eJoH h gwlvH bn,ohpH .d qnbuH Ft< Ua pi>] , bf bnmhH bojxMT 1] 2012] ,nho yh hf j<lovhdH , ;E;coH b<j”] ,nho h mndvH bt<;jynbH hpgN nbLE okpi> , m<coH , bf ;g;wH] bojxMT , .Eh;vH] tFG bn,ohpH eJoH i<g e<cGsOH j ewgnbH , ;E;cooH b<jo>] .php , bkvcoj i<g |y;aM> , xUcoG| ,j mdogH akH bn,pN nbp> i<g j ewgnbH gx<;V xga;H] lwvnbuH ,; yh bwV bgnbx<hsHN ep bgnmp nbLE .v svlyhU jv b;m;G bn,p mgveponbUN bt<;jynbH hpg] h pphvgG .ro> snmo>] hGsIU .G;_G] ,nho h mw j<logH 4`3 j m<xv Joco> b<j” mnd>] h mw yMpdcoH xMehonm lnhoH (.d nbcpsH jn,fuH) xMehoH h .v j<lovhdH h m<xv JjcoH , ;E;coH b<j” pgn, j<logenmoH] m<xv yhH , ;E;coH b<jHN |ep lnhU h owvnbpvvlyhH hj m<xvyhH , ;E;coH b<j”] bfG A 4.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Moosonee. See story in English on page 3. x;lnhp h cjfnp j hcftH .v , ffxcoj bom snm lnhp| mnd> .GU;_GN hj mndvH yh nmp bt<;jynbH hpg h mw yMp<dcoH yMpbysnmojH] b<j” , ;E;coH .y , m<xv JjcoH 3`5 – 5`4 |b<h> x; ewgonbU .y , ;E;coH b<j”] ep ownbpvvlyhU| ,; yh nmp DcwE 6`0 ,<xv yEhn,UgnhH , ;E;coH b<j”] |ep Jj ownbpvvlyhU nb<hmhoH mdl bom .f hj yEh.p;gonbj nb<hmho hj mwp;gonbj , .wgonbj| ,; yh nmp ynbV h jv yEhn,ognhj , ;E;coH b<j” gx<;V 7`0 -7`9 ,nho nmp p<xV , ;<gdognhH tso ownbpvvlyhH mgnmoH gx<;V h mdognhH .y , m<xvyhH , ;E;coH b<j” 8`0 – 8`9 tso nmp ocm;ponbU i<g ownbpvvlyhU mgnmp .yN ynbV yh hj .v yvcoH .y , ;E;coH b<j” 69 jn,fuH nbcpsH eJoH bxg> , m<xMpnhH eJo ,; yh xga;HN .GU;_G j mnd> itgp olpi> ,j ;E;coH b<j” .d eJoH b<xU 1980 ,; yh o<s j j<lovhd> 3` - 3n6 , m<xv JlognhjN ,; yh nmp DcwE 3`5 , m<xv Jjcoj ep gna j<lovhd> , ;E;coH b<j”N Ft< UaH qnbuH mdl hj ;E;co;ci b<j” hj yMpmhd;ci .g hpg ynbsMpmhoH 1965 j ;E;co;cU b<j” 4`9 , m<xv JjcoH b<j” .d h mw gwlLHN .GU;_G yh mw wjr> bn,ohp jv fcvevH m<x , j<logjH , ;E;cooH b<jo> .d bt<;jy> bcfMnmht;H hpg h mw yynm mgnhj j<logemn,nmp .g mwn,cbnyH+ earthquakescanada. A traditional teacher is questioning why drugs are being prescribed to people who are already abusing prescription drugs. “A lot of people are being introduced to methadone to try to address their addiction,” said Ralph Johnson, a traditional teacher from Sioux Lookout. “They have to stay on that drug for at least 10 years, some even longer. So it’s just replacing one drug for another.” Johnson said a number of his clients have had success in dealing with their prescription drug addiction through traditional healing methods at the Natural Healing program he operates each summer at Rainy Lake. “They didn’t like just replacing another drug,” Johnson said. “It was pretty effective. We made sure the sweat lodge ceremonies were available to them whenever they needed it, when they were going through a hard time.” Johnson said the sweat lodge was available every day for the clients, noting when they go into withdrawal they begin feeling pain, become anxious e in ____ l ____ ____ ) rn ur ad ____ 1.877.492.7292 • ____ Photo by Chris Kornacki/Special to Wawatay News Teresa Trudeau leads one-year-old Angela Achneepineskun around the powwow circle at the annual Tiny Tots Powwow held April 30 at the Boys and Girls Club of Thunder Bay. See more photos on page 13. Book your reservation by May 18 for travel by May 25, 2012 ____ See Traditional healing on page 10 Tiny tots on the powwow trail Spring Seat Sale! Banner and start shaking. “As soon as you start feeling those symptoms, you start preparing to go into the sweat lodge,” Johnson said. “It really helps detoxify and take those chemicals out of their system. It was really effective, but in the news there was no mention of utilizing traditional healing methods as a way to combat addictions.” Johnson wants people to be aware there are alternatives to healing from prescription drug addictions other than taking more drugs. “I talked to some of the other sweat lodge keepers in the community here and they feel the same way,” Johnson said. “It’s just that there are no resources directed towards traditional healing, so (for) the traditional healers it’s pretty well up to them to try to come up with their resources to hold the sweats. It’s usually out of their pocket that those services are provided.” Johnson said the sweat lodge ceremonies usually last from one to two hours, depending on the number of people participating.

May 10, 2012

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