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==== ==== For great Qigong tips check this out: ==== ==== What are Qigong Exercises? They are the visible, external aspect you can see when someone is practicing Qigong (also written as Chi Kung). Qigong is the Chinese art of managing your body's vital energy. Vital energy is called Qi or Chi, it is what keeps you and me alive and makes the thousands of functions of our body work correctly. Vital energy flows through energy streams called meridians. When vital energy flows smoothly through the meridians we have good health. When vital energy flows smoothly and vigorously through the meridians we have vitality and when we have an abundance of smooth, vigorous vital energy flowing through the meridians we will live a long, healthy and happy life. How Does It Work? Qigong exercises are identified by their gentle external movements. They look very similar to Tai Chi. To be most effective they are normally co-ordinated with the breathing and performed in a meditative state of mind. The aim of qigong exercises is first to remove the blockages to the smooth flow of vital energy through the meridians of the body, then to increase the flow of vital energy through the energy streams/meridians of the body. Why Do We Need Qigong Exercises Today? There is no doubt that modern living is stressful. We are all expected to do more, to do it better and to do it quicker than ever before. In order to achieve this we often burn the candle at both ends, eat poor diets and live a lifestyle that results in blockages to the smooth flow of vital energy. These blockages may eventually result in illness, anxiety, stress, depression etc. By practicing Qigong we can overcome the harmful affects of life in the 21st century. The amazing quality of Qigong is that if you are ill qigong exercises can remove the blockages causing your illness and if you are healthy, the same exercises can help you to stay that way and even improve your health. Why do People Practice Qigong Exercises? People practice Qigong for 1 or more of the following reasons: To improve health and vitality. To promote longevity. To develop internal force (usually desired by martial artists). To increase mental clarity and creativity.

An Introduction tof Qigong

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