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Magster of Watchgeeks thread on Invicta lies Today, 09:44 AM Join Date: Feb 2008 Posts: 14,910 Real Name: "Diamond Jim" Skelton jskelton WatchGeeks Owner True WatchGeek Magie, I'm sorry you feel cheated. While I know a lot of folks right now have similar feelings... you and I have always had a nice, personal relationship, so of course it bothers me to see that you're upset. I can't speak for Eyal or Invicta on this one, but I can for myself, and what I'm going to say, I know that you already know... but I'll say it for everyone else's benefit. The issue at hand can only have been known 2 ways: 1) Info from the manufacturer 2) Opening the watches before presenting them to validate Obviously, I do not crack open watches before the show, that's not my job. My job is to take the info provided by the manufacturer and present it. If at any time I have ever caught any discrepancy on ANY watch on ANY brand... I have made the corrections myself, and asked those in charge at Shop to followup with corrections. This can be anything from the wrong case size, to incorrect movement info, or crystal info. Things I can verify personally. I have always done this, and will continue to do so. But unless I open 20, 30 watches pre-show... I cannot know what's engraved on a movement inside, and if that conflicts with any dial markings. It is my personal belief that Eyal ordered one thing, and got another from his factory, I don't believe he went out on TV and said anything untruthful with any knowledge that it was. For me personally, I am falling back on something very simple... if it says "SWISS MADE" on the dial, I will call Swiss into the conversation. Otherwise... no. Folks also have to open up their scope here a bit. ALL Swiss movement manufacturers have

Magster of Watchgeeks on the Invicta Lies

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