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sowing the seeds of social change since 2004 In this issue: Protecting the Rights of the Homeless p2 Appleseed Summer Legal Fellows p3 Assessing Economic Impact p3 Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 18, 2011 and join Washington Appleseed in celebrating a year of pro bono achievements. Our work throughout the past year has touched so many issues—education, health care, housing, access to justice, and more. We are proud to have provided the pro bono resources needed to make a lasting impact on community. continued on page 3 Developing Best Practices for Civil Right to Counsel Pilot Programs Washington Appleseed is answering the call for more empirical evidence regarding the costs and bene�ts of providing counsel in civil cases affecting indigent litigants’ basic needs. Both judicial and legislative efforts to expand the right to counsel in “basic needs” civil cases have had limited success. Advocates cite the lack of concrete information about the costs and effects of expanding the right to appointed counsel as a signi�cant impedement to progress. It has long been suggested that running civil right to counsel pilot projects may help to produce this kind of data. However, many questions about pilot project design remain unanswered, such as: What is the best way to measure the ef�cacy of representation? What kind of data should a pilot project collect? How big a population should the project serve to provide an adequate civil right to counsel model? How should a pilot handle the ethical challenges presented by conducting a study of real-life litigants? Washington Appleseed is working with local and national stakeholders to help answer these questions. Our work is focused on designing a pilot project that can both provide an example for how a civil right to counsel initiative could be implemented and also be a model for collecting data on the ef�cacy and cost of expanding appointed representation. By the end of the summer, Appleseed plans to produce a “best practices” manual and begin pilot project implementation. Washington Appleseed 2nd Quarter Newsletter, 2011

Washington Appleseed Second Quarter Newsletter

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