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The official Magazine of the U.S. Army Reserve summer 2011 Supplying Afghanistan 22 Making sure troops and cargo get to their destinations is a non-stop job the Flying Apache Family 26 Sustaining the Force 4 Command Sgt. Maj. Michael D. Schultz on investing in the Army Reserve’s most important resource TURNING THE GEARS OF WAR 18 Long hours and dedication keep the birds of the 40th Combat Aviation Brigade flying For one father and his two children, flying AH-64 Apache attack helicopters is a Family affair Gathering Pieces 30 Civil Affairs Soldiers use information they gather to lessen the impact of military operations SPE C IA L SE C TION “best warrior” sneak peek 42 The battle of minds and strength is back! Here’s a peek at some of the action going on around the country

Warrior Citizen - Summer 2011

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