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STUDENT AFFAIRS 2010-2011 Annual Report From the Vice President for Student Affairs Maryellen Gilroy, Ed.D. Dear Colleagues, Students, Parents, and Friends of Siena College, I am pleased to present to you the 2010-2011 modeled this summer to support the peda- the Office of Students with Disabilities has Annual Report for the Division of Student gogy of the “teacher passion” model. allowed for a group of high school seniors Affairs. To meet the ever changing reporting and with special learning needs to take college level courses on our campus. This program This past year, we have addressed two chal- compliance requirements in student life, a lenges: how to operationalize the College’s dedicated position, Student Affairs Compli- Strategic Plan, “Living Our Traditions, 2011- ance Officer was developed. The purpose of 2016” and how to continue to be responsive to this position is to identify and evaluate our the changing needs of our students and higher programs and projects to ensure compliance education. Both of these challenges required with both College policy, as well as state and us to develop high impact educational practices local law, to provide internal audits as part of that engage student learning outside of the regulatory and reporting requirements, and to classroom. This process has involved continu- serve as part of our practice of ensuring excel- This annual report is meant to share with you ous assessment of our practices (mediocrity or lence. the accomplishments of the past year. Our “business as usual” is not the norm in the Division), as well as creative and innovative think- Part of Siena’s mission and history has in- ing. Let me share with you some outcomes of volved responding to the educational needs of this process. men and women in the armed services upon their return from active duty. A special initia- When the problem of dedicated space for the tive within the College was developed to coor- First Year Seminar course was presented, the dinate transitional issues and support services Department of Residential Life viewed this chal- for the increasing number of veterans attend- lenge as an opportunity to truly engage student ing Siena. learning within the residence areas. As a re- played a crucial role in this initiative. The Division of Student Affairs sult, 40 sections of this course are being held in Padua and Hennepin Halls, and in the Sarazen After several years of planning, a partnership Student Union. These “classrooms” were re- between the North Colonie School District and provides these high school students with opportunities to enhance their academic skills, improve their self-esteem, and interact with age appropriate peers in a college setting. We hope that this endeavor will serve as a transformative experience for our students. initiatives have been recognized both nationally, for example our members of the Division are regularly invited to present at national and regional conferences, and here at the College. Dr. Shannon O’Neill was recognized as the 2010 administrator of the year and to provide you with goals for the upcoming year. Our annual report process allows us to reflect constructively upon what we have done well and to welcome the challenges and opportunities to do better.

2010-2011 Student Affairs Annual Report

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