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An online publication of Vancouver School of Theology Alumni Interlink Program spring/summer 2012 volume 1, number 1 VST is excited to welcome you to the very first edition of Via, a bi-annual publication dedicated to keeping in touch with the alumni of VST. This magazine is for you and about you, and as such we welcome you not only to read but also to contribute as writers, should the spirit so move! This first edition is also an introduction to the revitalized Alumni Program here at VST, and you will find these pages filled with information about our initiatives to draw our alumni back into community with us and each other. From our website to Facebook, from continuing education to public events, from feasts to celebrations, VST has much to offer our alumni as a place to continue lifelong learning and to reconnect with former fellow students and faculty. Publications of Via will be entirely virtual. In other words, we don’t plan on printing a hard copy of this publication to mail out - you’ll have to come visit the website link in order to read these issues. We are doing this for a number of reasons; firstly, as responsible financial stewards we are very aware of the costs associated with printing and mailing, and this alternative provides us with a very cost-effective way to publish. 1

VIA - A VST Alumni Magazine

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