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Volunteer ASU MAKE A STATEMENT MARCH EVENTS MARCH 6TH & 7TH- ASU hosted an American Red Cross Blood Drive resulting in a total of 43 event volunteers that generated $2,354.94 in economic impact. 179 total untis of blood were donated at this drive. TOTAL MONTHLY ECONOMIC IMPACT: $21,854.16 MARCH 10TH - ASU hosted its annual Day of Service event. 126 registered volunteers served at 11 different nonprofits generating an economic impact of $12,111. MARCH 14TH - ASU hosted its annual Volunteer Fair. 18 nonprofits were in attendance. AMERICAN RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE MARCH 17TH– 24TH - Volunteer ASU took 9 students to New Orleans to serve with Rebuilding Together New Orleans, Animal Rescue New Orleans, Hike for KaTREEna, and the New Orleans Mission Homeless Shelter. MARCH 31ST– Volunteer ASU assisted with the CASA Cowboy Up event by providing event volunteers. REBUILDING TOGETHER NEW ORLEANS March 31ST - 7 students volunteered at the Lions Club Car show. MARCH 31ST– 44 ASU students volunteered at the Girls of Promise Conference sponosred by the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas. CASA AT ASU VOLUNTEER FAIR

Volunteer ASU March Newsletter

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