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THE VOICE OF VISION WES T Summer / 2012 W NE ! Introduction to Freeform Education Module ® IN THIS ISSUE:Section from the AOA Paraoptometric A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT Time Away — Something You Should Consider by Joseph C Mallinger OD MBA FAAO As paraoptometricT Hstaff E V O I C E O F V I S I O N W E S T THE OPTICAL VISION SITE: proceeds through this Using Pinterest for Eyecare Business education module, they by Cathy Ives will be better equipped CUSTOMER SERVICE TIPS: to explain what What the Vision West Customer Service Dept. Freeform® technology Can Do For You is, identify necessary 1-Hour Quick Bites First Impressions measurements, present with Dr. Dubick the Freeform® option to Stretching your Practice appropriate patients, by Michael Graves, Senior Consultant for ExecTech and verify the lenses. PLUS INDUSTRY NEWS! PRINTED IN USA |©  2012 OptiCenter - The Voice of Vision West are registered trademarks of Vision West, Inc. All rights reserved “Introduction to Freeform®” has been developed through an education grant from Shamir to educate paraoptometrics on this technology. The CD-ROM is designed in an easy-to-use automated, audio PowerPoint format, guiding paraoptometric staff through this education module. Running time is approximately one hour and allows unlimited access to learning from home or the ofce. To order a copy for your ofce, download an order form at: or call 800-365-2219, ext. 4108 for more information.

OptiCenter-The Voice of Vision West - Summer 2012

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