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Mustaine family’s next star B-1 Are you unknowingly ingesting arsenic? B-2 More homes for Sycamore Ranch? D-1 Village News Fallbrook & Bonsall a l s o se rv i n g t h e c o m m u n i t i e s o f D e L u z , R a i n b ow , C a m p P e ndl e t o n , Pa l a , a nd Pau m a July 31, 2014 Vessels Family nixes proposal to keep golf course open By Debbie Ramsey & Joe Naiman 50¢ Sales tax included at news stand Volume 18, Issue 31 Community rallies around injured Marine The Vessels family has made itself clear. It is closing San Luis Rey Downs (SLRD) golf course on Aug. 6 and is not willing to entertain any proposals by local investors to keep it in operation. The primary group interested in keeping the course open has been a group of dedicated SLRD golfers, local investors, and residents who formed a grassroots organization called “Save the Downs.” Members of the group had worked diligently over the past several months gathering interest and significant financial commitments in order to craft a see VESSELS, page A-4 San Luis Rey Training Center faring well at Del Mar Joe Naiman Village News Correspondent The Bonsall racehorse training facility which was once known as the San Luis Rey Downs Thoroughbred Training Center is now the San Luis Rey Training Center. It was closed for renovations from June 2013 to January 2014 before re-opening in January with the new name and upgraded facilities. During the first six days of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club meet San Luis Rey trainer Peter Miller had three wins, four second-place finishes, and three third-place results. The San Luis Rey horses trained by John Sadler had three see CENTER, page A-4 Dozens of local volunteers lend their help installing the landscaping around Marine Sgt. Julian Torres’ newly-constructed home Shane Gibson photo in the Gird Valley of Fallbrook on July 27. The injured Marine’s family home has been built by the Homes for Our Troops organization. See more photos on page A-6 County pushes Avocado Half Marathon to public meeting thisweek Announcements ������������������������A-2 Business ��������������������������������������C-6 Classifieds �����������������������������������A-8 Dining �������������������������������������������B-5 Education �������������������������������������C-4 Entertainment �����������������������������B-6 Health & Fitness ������������������������B-2 Home & Garden ������������������������D-2 Legals �������������������������������������������C-8 Obituaries ������������������������������������C-5 Opinion ����������������������������������������A-5 Real Estate ����������������������������������D-2 Sports �������������������������������������������C-2 Village News Abby Knox is cheered as she crosses the finish line in the 2014 Avocado Half Marathon held in April. Debbie Ramsey Managing Editor Prior to giving the organizers of this year’s Avocado Half Marathon final approval to hold the event again in 2015, the County of San Diego has required that the proposed plan for the event go in front of the public for comment at a Fallbrook Community Planning Group (FCPG) meeting. That meeting will take place on Monday, Aug. 18. “The organizers of the Avocado Half Marathon have asked to be on the August Planning Group agenda,” said Anne Burdick, chair of the FCPG circulation committee. “The County asked them to organize early and provide an opportunity for the community to speak regarding the road closures during the hours of the event.” The reason behind the County’s request was undoubtedly due to the number of complaints it and other entities received from residents on the affected roadways of the inaugural event. Dozens of complaint calls were fielded by the County as well as the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce and the Village News (neither of which were organizers or sponsors of the event). “There were a number of unhappy residents last year, and Spencer Johnson photo it would be great if  they had  an opportunity to be heard,” said Burdick. Bob Fuller of the County of San Diego said he hopes as many residents turn out as possible to provide input on how improvements can be made to satisfy concerns about the roadways involved in the event. see MARATHON, page A-5

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