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Library to give away comics, A-4 Potted plants in the landscape, B-8 Lake Elsinore unveils mural, B-10 VALLEY PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID FALLBROOK, CA PERMIT #499 NEWS April 25 – May 1, 2014 A Section Volume 14, Issue 17 Grandmother encounters phone scam, warns public Alex Groves Staff Writer This year’s Temecula Valley International Film Festival will take place on September 18-21, 2014 and will feature four days of screening contemporary feature length films, short films, student films, and documentaries. Officials prepare for upcoming Temecula Valley International Film Festival Alex Groves Staff Writer The Temecula Valley International Film Festival is still a few months out from its return after a brief hiatus, but event organizers are already opening up competitions and working on details of the event to make sure they make it enjoyable for the thousands of people who will come and watch various film exhibitions and musical pieces. Temecula’s film festival, like many things across the Valley, has seen rapid growth and development. What was once a small town event of a couple hundred people has since evolved into a full-blown cinematic experience with inde- Jo Moulton. “I was tired,” Moulton said. “I’ve pendent productions, student films, youth-planned films and musical done it for 17 years and it was a combination of personal reasons.” pieces from all over the country. Moulton said that her work Tens of thousands of people have as a film festipoured through val organizer the Temecula “It’s a lot of fun now extended past Tower Plaza C i n e m a s ’ knowing that technology has Temecula. She doors to see the advanced to the point where could remember various films it’s easier for kids to make a time when she was working to and film projfilm.” – Jeff Waddleton organize three ects, and often film festivals. times it’s not She worked on the Temecula and unusual to see a famous actor or two among the crowd. But in spite Anaheim festivals back to back in of the festival’s successes, it was 2010 and had to be ready to start temporarily shuttered for a few working on the Palm Springs fesreasons, according to its President tival at the start of 2011. Ladybugs ‘fly away home’ as preschoolers release them into environment But then the amount of work associated with planning and executing the festivals wasn’t the only consideration when Moulton decided it was time for a break. The economic outlook for the region wasn’t great and a number of people that Moulton had typically depended on had moved out of the area and so the entire process of facilitating a festival would have been too difficult, she said. But, she said, she decided to start preparing for the festival again last year and now it will be back in full force with some new components. One of those components will be see FESTIVAL, page A-6 Mercedes-Benz of Temecula now open for business Area resident Joan Mallory got news that most grandparents would consider the worst kind; her granddaughter told her she was in trouble. Only, the woman that called wasn’t actually Joan’s granddaughter, but a scammer. Joan said she received a call in the middle of the week of April 6 from a woman claiming to be her granddaughter. “I received a call at about 10 a.m. in the morning and a woman on the other side of the phone said, ‘Hi, Grandma’,” Mallory said. “And I was immediately excited because my granddaughter was away at college and I was thrilled that she might be calling me.” Though Mallory said she has more than one granddaughter, the person on the other end of the phone sounded like the one that was away at college. So rather than ask the girl her name, Mallory said she called her by the name of that granddaughter right away. The conversation started off pleasantly enough, the grandmother said, but it became clear that something was off. The girl was see SCAM, page A-3 Health Heroin use on the rise among teens and adolescents No parent wants to imagine his or her child engaging in recreational drug use, but suburban areas are experiencing a noticeable uptick in heroin usage among teenagers. Once deemed a “city drug,” heroin is now infiltrating suburban hamlets, where more and more children are experimenting with this potentially deadly drug. see page B-5 Pechanga Resort, IE511 reduce pollution through ridesharing program Alex Groves Staff Writer Garth Blumenthal, GM of Fletcher Jones Motorcars Group, welcomes the public to the new Mercedes-Benz of Temecula dealership. Shane Gibson photo Paul Bandong Staff Writer Discovery Isle preschool student Skylar Bohannon looks at a handful of ladybugs she releases into the environment for Earth Day, April 15, 2014. Shane Gibson photo see more photos on page A-6 “The toughest challenge was waiting out the economic downturn,” said Garth Blumenthal, general manager of Fletcher Jones Motorcars Group, the #1 volume Mercedes-Benz dealership in the nation. “We have been waiting a long time to open up here in Temecula.” Indeed, the investment group was formed in 2006, the building plans were approved in 2008, but building the new dealership did not start until 2013. The dealership is located west of the Harveston community on Ynez Rd. beyond the northwest corner of the Winchester Rd/Hwy 15 intersection. According to Ron Hutsell, project superintendent for Kunzik & Sara Construction, everything went smoothly and close to schedule over the past year; there were no major glitches. They are still waiting for some parking lot lights, but he is at the final “punch list” stage. The dealership opened for business on Friday, April 19. Without the fanfare of a grand opening and despite last-minute construction detail work still ongoing, they had sold three new cars before midafternoon. “This is a really good market that appreciates top-quality products and an outstanding level of customer service,” said Blumenthal. “The demographics are good – familyoriented, high education level, lower house payments, high FICO scores, and a good understanding of keeping sales tax dollars local.” Blumenthal expects to have an inventory of 600 new and preowned automobiles with sales of about 300 per month by the end of 2015. see MERCEDES, page A-7 Pechanga Resort and Casino had a lot to celebrate this past Earth Day, as one of their programs effectively cut down on more than 100,000 pounds of pollution and close to 400,000 driving trips. The casino’s rideshare program see RIDESHARE, page A-7 thisweek Businesss Directory ������������������� B-11 Business ����������������������������������� B-10 Calendar ����������������������������������� A-11 Classifieds �������������������������������� B-11 Dining Guide �������������������������������B-6 Education �������������������������������������B-9 Entertainment �������������������������� A-10 Hard News ���������������������������������A-2 Health ������������������������������������������B-5 Home & Garden ������������������������B-8 Local ..............................................A-3 Pets ............................................. B-10 Real Estate ����������������������������������A-8 Sports �������������������������������������������B-1

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