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AAUW Country Garden Tour on May 10 A-4 Reduce risk of hearing loss A-10 Boys golf evens league record A-12 Village News Fallbrook & Bonsall a l s o se rv i n g t h e c o m m u n i t i e s o f D e L u z , R a i n b ow , C a m p P e ndl e t o n , Pa l a , a nd Pau m a April 24, 2014 50¢ Sales tax included at news stand Volume 18, Issue 17 Pioneer of Year, Vintage awardee to be honored Rainbow approves $190K contract for Buckley Agency searches for successor Joe Naiman Village News Correspondent During the closed session portion of the Rainbow Municipal Water District’s April 7 special board meeting, the board members approved a contract for new general manager Gene Buckley while also authorizing a search for his replacement in that position. A 5-0 vote approved Buckley’s contract while a 4-1 vote, with Dennis Sanford in opposition, authorized Buckley to conduct a search for a new general manager through internal efforts rather than through a third-party recruiting service. see RAINBOW, page A-11 Arlan Peterson will receive the Pioneer of the Year award on April 26 from the Fallbrook Historical Society. Debbie Ramsey Managing Editor When the Fallbrook Historical Society holds its annual meeting on Saturday, April 26, members will honor a longtime local resident and a business that has operated continuously for 53 years here. Arlan Peterson will receive the Pioneer of the Year award and NAPA Fallbrook Auto Parks representatives Jerry Olive and Lee Shaeffer will be presented with the Vintage award. Rainbow MWD brings customer service back to own office Jerry Olive and Lee Schaeffer will accept the Fallbrook Historical Society’s 2014 Shane Gibson photos Vintage award on April 26 on behalf of NAPA Fallbrook Auto Parts, in business locally since 1961. Peterson, who worked as a building contractor and firefighter, has lived in Fallbrook since 1940. According to the society, he moved here with his parents, Lindon and Velma and sisters Lenon, Neola, and Norene. Peterson’s father worked on a construction site for the new ammunition depot that was being built next to Camp Pendleton. The family lived on a rented 20-acre parcel of land, where they raised milk cows and chickens, on the east side of Old Stage Road across from Aviation Road. Peterson graduated from Fallbrook High School in 1951. “He was drafted into the Army in 1953 and in 1954, before being deployed to Korea, married Rosalie Bell, a local girl,” the society noted. “They raised three children, Niles, Krake, and Tracy.” “Peterson desired to follow in his grandfather and father’s footsteps and become a carpenter,” they explained. “At 17, he designed and built the little office at the corner of Main and College.” He couldn’t recall the number of homes he designed and built in the area, but worked in the construction business until retiring in 2009. Peterson volunteered for the Fallbrook Fire Dept. for 20 years and worked on Camp Pendleton as a firefighter as well. He served on the local fire board for 13 years. These days, Peterson enjoys writing stories about his life. Owned and operated by the Olive family since 1961, NAPA Fallbrook Auto Parts has been see RMWD, page A-9 NCFPD approves medical standby service with Mercy Medical Transport Joe Naiman Village News Correspondent The North County Fire see PIONEER, page A-15 Protection District approved Pumped up for the Egg Hunt a resolution which authorizes Mercy Medical Transport, Inc., to provide limited ambulance service within the fire district’s exclusive operating area. The NCFPD board voted 5-0 Feb. 25 to allow Mercy Medical see NCFPD, page B-2 Joe Naiman Village News Correspondent The Rainbow Municipal Water District customer service staff, which had relocated to the Fallbrook Public Utility District office in November, has returned to the Rainbow district office. We’re all physically back,” said Rainbow general manager Gene Buckley. The Rainbow staff left the FPUD premises for Rainbow on Thursday, April 3, and Friday, April 4. “The real move was mostly Thursday,” Buckley said. Rainbow left one staff member at the FPUD office on April 4 to handle any necessary customer service matters. “Everybody on BUSINESS SPORTS Play for Mila to take place April 26 Joe Naiman Village News Correspondent Christine Rinaldi photo Katie Batten gives her son, William, 3, a “high five” after discussing strategies prior to the start of the annual Egg Hunt sponsored by the Fallbrook Community Center at La Paloma School on April 19. See more photos on page B-1. Residents discover thieves in house, garage full of stolen goods Debbie Ramsey Managing Editor Between $20,000 and $30,000 in stolen goods were recovered in the garage of a Bonsall home and returned to their rightful owners. Sheriff’s Dept. photo Two Bonsall residents returned home from a few days vacation on Friday, April 11, to see the lights on in their residence and their two vehicles parked outside of the garage, rather than inside where they were left. “One of the residents immediately called 9-1-1,” said Sheriff’s Detective Dan Laibach. “The suspects were inside the house and must have seen the headlights because they ran out of the house, got in one of the owner’s cars and took off before deputies arrived at the scene.” Laibach said evidence found inside the home indicated that someone had been staying there. see THIEVES, page A-11 The third annual Play for Mila Yellow Ribbon Tournament will bring approximately 20 field hockey teams to Fallbrook High School on April 26. “It should be a good tournament,” said tournament organizer Kathy Waite, who was Mila Lee’s field hockey coach when Lee played for the Warriors and for the off-season Guac Girls squads. Lee, a 2010 Fallbrook High School graduate, committed suicide on Sept. 29, 2011. She was 19 and a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Lee’s sister, Bianca, also played field hockey for Fallbrook, and Mila see MILA, page A-14 thisweek Announcements ������������������������A-2 Business ��������������������������������������B-2 Classifieds �������������������������������� B-15 Dining �������������������������������������������A-8 Education ���������������������������������� B-10 Entertainment �������������������������� B-12 Health & Fitness ��������������������� A-10 Home & Garden ������������������������B-4 Legals ......................................... B-14 Obituaries ��������������������������������� A-14 Opinion ����������������������������������������A-5 Real Estate ����������������������������������B-4 Sports ...........................................A12

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