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New Fallbrook royalty chosen Page A-4 Fallbrook restaurants offer tasty avocado specialties Page C-14 Village News Fallbrook & Bonsall a l s o se rv i n g t h e c o m m u n i t i e s o f D e L u z , R a i n b ow , C a m p P e ndl e t o n , Pa l a , a nd Pau m a April 10, 2014 50¢ Sales tax included at news stand 28th annual Avocado Festival coming Sunday, April 13 Volume 18, Issue 15 ENTERTAINMENT Phoenix Patriot Band to perform at Avocado Festival TEMECULA – The Phoenix Patriot Band will be performing at the Avocado Festival Sunday, April 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the food court located at E. Hawthorne St. They will be playing a mixed genre of rock cover songs. The band serves as a signature band supporting the music program of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation (PPF), a 501 c3 non-profit organization providing see BAND, page B-7 EDUCATION Debbie Ramsey Managing Editor O n S u n d a y, A p r i l 1 3 , Main Avenue will undergo a transformation that happens only once each year, with an expected 70,000 plus visitors streaming up and down the thoroughfare to experience the 28th annual Avocado Festival, sponsored each year by the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. This year’s event looks to be as popular as ever. “Over 450 vendors are signed up and we have a great cross-selection of crafts and more,” said chamber CEO Lila MacDonald. There are some local organizations and businesses amongst the vendors. “Our Avenue of the Arts features the work by many local artists,” said MacDonald. “The Fallbrook Football Boosters sell avocado packs every year; our Fallbrook Vintage Car Club has a mini car show at the festival; packing houses like Del Rey and McDaniel’s are involved, as well as many others. For those who enjoy the festival each year, new “avocado” items always catch the eye. “There will be avocado oil soaps, body oil, and lotions; avocado artwork, avocado honey, and avocado beer,” explained MacDonald. “Of course, there will also be guacamole and I believe avocado gelato. Each of these vendors will be identified with a banner that says “Stop for Avocado Products.” Live music is also on tap. “There will be four live bands,” said MacDonald, adding they would be located in these spots: Avenue of the Arts, the beer garden (at Scrappy’s Tire, 346 S. Main Ave.), and two at the community stage, which this year will be at Main and Elder (the Elder House property). Contests are always part of the fun at the Avocado Festival. While Village News photo in recent years contest locations have been at the “community stage” across from Mission Theater, the stage will now be located at the Elder House, corner of Main and Elder. Outstanding students recognized Yamkova, Drew, Huff, see FESTIVAL, page A-10 and Zelasco honored “I am so excited to see the community collaboration that goes into this; it is such a huge event, it really takes a village to accomplish it.” Lucette Moramarco Staff Writer Nataliya Yamkova of Oasis High School and Hailey Drew, Ben Huff, and Brittney Zelasco of Fallbrook High School were honored as Students of the Month for the Fallbrook Union High School District (FUHSD) at a special celebratory breakfast held April 3 at the Fallbrook Community Center. see STUDENTS, page C-11 Behind the scenes of Five girls named allFallbrook’s “big show” league for SPORTS Debbie Ramsey Managing Editor Throwing a special event with a guest list of 70,000 is not an easy task. Fallbrook’s signature annual event, the Avocado Festival, takes a full year of planning and collaboration on behalf of the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce to produce. “It’s a team effort,” said chamber CEO Lila MacDonald. “We have two co-chairs this year, George Archibald (one of the original founders) and Gary Shimer, in addition to a committee of over 25 people to help with all aspects of festival planning. Also, even more volunteers help with sub- committees and those can contain an additional two to 25 people per subcommittee.” Planning the Avocado Festival begins on the day of the event the year prior. “On the day of the festival, we give each vendor a ‘speedy renewal’ form which allows them to sign up for the next year and receive a discount,” said MacDonald. “About 50 percent take advantage of this, which means we are already half-full for the next year.” Logistical plans and needed supplies are many when it comes to the big event. What it takes to produce the Avocado Festival Joe Naiman Village News Correspondent The Avocado West League girls soccer coaches conferred allleague honors upon five members of the Fallbrook High School team. Jocelyn Urbina was a member of the league’s first team. Honorable mention recognition went to Angelina Rojas, Savannah McInerny, Jenna Murphy, and Lilly Durbin. see SOCCER, page C-7 thisweek see SHOW, page A-11 Ken Seals photos Discussing plans for the 2014 Avocado Festival are, from left, chamber volunteers George Bamber, Marlene Rantanen, Roy Costello, and Chris Murphy. soccer At the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce office, from left, Lila MacDonald, CEO; Linda Costello, administrative and media coordinator, and Jackie Toppin, membership services coordinator, display items that will be available in the chamber’s Avocado Emporium during the festival on April 13. support your local independent news. Your Source for Local News, Local Sports, Local Everything. Announcements ������������������������A-6 Business ����������������������������������� B-10 Classifieds �����������������������������������D-7 Dining .........................................C-14 Education ����������������������������������C-10 Entertainment �����������������������������B-6 Health & Fitness ������������������������A-8 Home & Garden ������������������������B-2 Legals �������������������������������������������D-6 Motor........................................... B-12 Obituaries ���������������������������������C-11 Opinion ����������������������������������������A-7 Real Estate ����������������������������������D-2 Sports �������������������������������������������C-2 Subscribe today for as low as $2.99 per month! sign up at Chairman Smith returns to sponsor B-10 group Fallbrook Youth Baseball plays B-1 ball Time for corned beef and cabbage A-8 s Vill Village New age News 50¢ Sales tax included at news stand Fallbrook & Bonsall iNg a l s o se rV muN the com ities of Fallbrook & Bonsall Dl e t o N , a mp peN i N b ow , c De luz , r a www.VillageNew March 6, 2014 pa l a , aND pau m a a l s o se rV iNg Volume 18, Issue the com muN 19 districtsD ities of ionship Water at war? out CIF champ High Drea grabs first Rainbow backs Patrick Henryms of history by beating Boys soccerTeam FPUD asks beco of JPA; makes Warrior Fifteen young to dissolve ming March 13, 2014 e l u z , r a i N b ow , c a m p p e N Dl etoN, www.VillageNew ladies compete LAFCO in Miss Fallbrook playoff pa l a , aND Section B pau m a Miss Fallbrook Volume 18, Issue 10 Joe Naiman School in final Debbie Ramsey RMWD Village News Correspondent Managing Editor i g h S c h o o l ’s Joe Naiman Fallbrook H CIF team won a Fifteen young Village News Correspondent in boys soccer ladies, ages 16 for the first time 21, have dreams to t championship of becoming Miss County Join the entire pageant history. Fallbrook 2014 The North the program’s concluded their and consisting half-page ad in year; receives a be revealed at the the winner will Powers Authority the program. The Warriors Public Utility with a 2-1 victory Bronze ($1 Saturday evening, official finale on of the Fallbrook the Rainbow 2013-14 season High School in April 5, at Potter and sponsorship of 2 5 ) - s h a r e s Junior High School District (FPUD) District will be over Patrick HenryIII final March 8 auditorium. with three other one contestant The theme of the Municipal Water April 5. the CIF Division evening will be contestant will businesses and “A Tribute to Women dissolved effective vote March 5, at Mesa College. represent all four experiencing in History.” sponsors during A 4-1 Rainbow in opposition, Soroptimist “It’s great emotionsaid Fallbrook the entire pageant this,” year; receives a of Fallbrook, International with Dennis Sanford the something like quarter-page ad who operated termination of Luis Velasquez, event program. in the pageant approved the junior forward for decades, the Warriors agreement with Members of has resumed responsibility joint powers whose goal provided the to give them of victory. of it again are also welcome community and is actively FPUD. “We votedto end the joint with the margin to come this far the event, which to donate to the 30-day notice the contestants working with “It’s always hard a good team,” Rainbow board in the newlyscholarships and will result in powers,” said McManigle. reorganized and lose, but they’re Cody Clark charitable aid Miss coach provided by Soroptimist. president George Ambassador ‘Live Fallbrook Patrick Henry the notice Your Dream’ The Miss Fallbrook McManigle deliveredon March 6. Program. said of the Warriors. and hoped for FPUD candidates will be attending of termination to “We just prepared knew it was “This will be the we A-12 77th year of the functions leading several public the best because pageant,” said see WATER, page Maureen O’Reilly, tough fight,” said and will attend up to the pageant going to be a vice president the Jorge Rojas. Pageant in March Miss Carlsbad Fallbrook coach International of of Soroptimist Patriots both to see a similar Fallbrook. “2014 event. The Warriors and final league will be a stellar Ken Seals photo their year for this event, Richmond said placed third in given the number posted a the first-ever soccer team wonof contestants.” the contestants also in March standings. Fallbrook of 8-10-4, boys Program varsity director Keri Richmond record High School Fallbrook Land will help the regular-season Avocado West The 2013/2014 Fallbrook program on March 8. agreed. “We are very Conservancy with excited and Contestant Mikala Tidd, a fundraising mailer. for the including a 3-4-3 happy with the center, practices turnout.” Miss Fallbrook Ambassador B-3 CIF championship dance Tickets for the Richmond said see SOCCER, page April 5 event ‘Live Your Dream’ moves during rehearsal for the over the last finale several years, Program on Feb. Chris Rinaldi photos Marketare now available at Major “When the turnout has been 23 at Heritage Hall very low. “Last and the Fallbrook Fallbrook in Fallbrook. Soroptimist Chamber year “There of Commerce office. club decided to are contestants only three contestants,”there were this take high school still They are $15 event back, in advance; $20 she said. and others who in great woman in history at the door. The time to make somewe felt it was working to research event are and write for double amputee and in begins at 6:30 changes to the an essay about Debbie Ramsey custom home program,” p.m. during Richmond. “There college,” said proctored Editor explained Richmond. Managing“The Troops to build session after a practice.”a is also diversity in the ethnicity most important a In addition to Homes for Our To comment on of the contestants.” bechange was participating in this story online, to let everyone Torres may “They visit www.thevillagenews.c Sgt. Julian know doesn’t that this is women are all lovely young regular rehearsals for the that butpageant. not a beauty grand om. finale, contestants andfinalize double amputee, very diverse,” We wanted Supervisors in “giving are responsible the down said for finding O’Reilly. of this program slow himfocus for sponsors. toarrangement combat veterans be about education Contestants are Richmond said back” to other andplight. community learning from there are three service.” the same Ridge coaches Creek how to experiencing walk on a stage level of sponsorships for Torres the Horse and how to project what makes local second Homes That’s “The their voice and businesses: we did talk of a thing for wasrecipient to change properly into a Gold ($500) perfect theGird Road name off microphone. to Joe Naiman - sponsors one Correspondent Troops project Newsare Ambassador ‘Live Miss contestant Our Fallbrook teaching them Village“We how to business who will represent the Dream’ Program,” aYour remain poised while in Fallbrook. she continued. throughout the Facilities standing on dream location; “We took is ourout pageant stage,” Community “This year; too The said Richmond. the word but not ‘pageant’ for the Horse country “They will event receives a full page ad in because (CFD)classes slice of also attend people little associate now percent District program; and Claire Ginther in interview development city;orit’s 100 the wordCreek two free beauty skillsRidge from farwith tickets to the pageant. and public beauty “When Creek contests, Torres. speaking. enthused swim suits exists. Horse They will learn perfect,” ourand officially and that is[where Silver ($25 a dance not what development routine that 0) - share this will is a proposed program saw the we in location sponsorship of s about.” the be built], we fell Ridge be performed one at nearevent. 15 corner home Each i s swould new“ M the Interstate another business contestant with contestant willRoutethe F a lWhen 76. l b r o ocompleted k i s a n in and contestant of State also choose a will ambassador love with it.” in for our community,” represent both sponsors Carina Ruiz will reside intersection year, Torres said Richmond. late this during school page B-10 his high performs with“She SPECIAL, see home great a 3, in thedeal JJ, of community son Richmond saidAshley,1.service.” sweetheart-wife the ‘Live Your Analicia, Dream’ and daughter part of the program ceremony “is a Soroptimist At a groundbreaking 9, Carlo Gaita community March that connects held Sunday, people Troops presided for Ouronline to do volunteer of Homes how work explaining offline event, that the helps women over and homes girls to provides live soldiers. Rinaldi photodreams.” their the organization All contestants new Christine wounded have Carina his family’s America’s Perez forthe joined Julian Torres and in support of program, for Our Troops; speakers which makes Sgt. ceremony for Sgt. from left, Carlo Gaita, Homes JJ and daughter themAdditional part of a group USMC groundbreaking son who dream project included for Our Troops are, thethe Participating in the wife Ashley with making of Benford, world Larock provided by Homes Mayor; Sgt. Julian Torres and his Bill Horn; and USMC Sgt. Major women a better (Ret.) place for Bill Major Fallbrook home and girls.County Supervisor Honorary Supervisor Diego World Industries; TheSan Martin Quiroz, Fallbrook Honorary Herrera, young Yulissa Rojas Fallbrook field rep for Armstrong andwoman who Kyle, Horn, crowned Analicia, Joe Lee, Miss Fallbrook, Quiroz. is Cunningham, Mayor Martin as well as the first for Our (Ret.) Larock Benford. Homes and second saidrunner-ups, recognized Torres will receive his wife’s Tucker scholarships. made his and Troops This year’s At a rehearsal held come true. are dream competitors Debbie Ramsey Feb. very diverse one a short left,topractices group. Editor 23, contestant Halee Olsen, July 15, 2010, On Managing introducing Chris Rinaldi photos deployed herself with the Shavonne month after being lost his left Donoghue. of Ivy High help of 2013 Miss Fallbrook Jasmine Herrera Cunningham, Afghanistan, Torres and his right leg leg below the knee stepping on an School and AmandaHailey Tucker after Kyle, and Marisa Rodriquez above the knee device (IED) James School were Joe Naiman improvised explosive in Marjah. of Fallbrook High of the Month a canal Village News Correspondent as Students while crossing out of the honored Union High limit on Gum Medically evacuated be for the Fallbrook a (FUHSD) at The 35 mph speed Stage Coach said, “I had to country, Torres School District breakfast hospitals all along Tree Lane betweenLane has been Diana Alcaraz taken to major could keep me special celebratory Lane and Hamilton enforcement. the way so they got stateside.” radar for page B-13 I recertified County see STUDENTS, stabilized until States, Torres A 5-0 San Diego vote Once in the UnitedWalter Reed at Board of Supervisors the radar was treated Md., where February 26 approved Hospital in Bethesda,rehabilitation for the 0.76-mile initial recertification sure he received his need to make therapies before segment. “We and has all surgeries ������������������������A-2 Diego. to that law enforcement Announcements A-10 coming to San tools available San Diego the necessary “In my opinion, is Business ����������������������������������� B-11 to keep our roads Halee Olsen Medical Center them in order �������������������������������� Bill Horn. Balboa Naval that’s where Classifieds����������������������������������� A-14 safe,” said SupervisorTree Lane’s the top of the sphere; said. Coupons Gum A-8 “Recertifying Shane Gibson photo I went for rehab,” he he and his Dining ������������������������������������������� limit for radar B-12 that H. Frazier 35 mph speed allow officers of Torres explained old, had been Education ���������������������������������� in front of William the re-authorizationfrom B-14 enforcement will radar guns to Traffic accumulates Tree Lane where Viviana Hernandez wife, each 26 yearsto buy in recent Entertainment �������������������������� use motorists School on Gum A-12 to continue to to help monitor of vehicles and Elementary looking for a home have to contain Health & Fitness ��������������������� will be put in place measure the speed but it would radar enforcement & Garden ������������������������B-4 were years, speed. take action as necessary.” A-15 the speed survey drove many special features.that fit this Home speed limit to using excessive ���������������������������������������� or drivers in In order for a seven “To find a house my type of Legals by radar, a speed Department of Public Works Contestants at 41 mph or above, 203forwere with be enforceable Obituaries ������������������������������������A-9 the 2014 -5 perform speed of family that the speed size Miss mph, and the other Fallbrook impossible,” Opinion ����������������������������������������A survey must showadjacent 5 mph DPW contractorsseven years on at 40 40 mph.current royalty; back row nearly Ambassador ‘Live Your Dream’ an fromwas below left, Viviana Stage injury surveys every Halee “The houses we Real Program pose with limit is within Olsen, Marisa Estate ����������������������������������B-4 Lane between which have been 85th percentile explained Torres. Hernandez, B-2 Gum Tree Yulissa had to haveErica Penaloza, Lane Rodriquez, increment to the limit can be road segments Morgan Abando, Chris Rinaldi photos would have Rojas, Carina Rufino, at Brianna Lane and Hamilton radar enforcement. Sarah if Sports ������������������������������������������� looked Simone Stubbs, zone Ruiz, Miss changed.” Or, Engebretson, Diana Alcaraz; if certified for findings were made Coach Teenand speed. The speed school Tidd,aand Fallbrook gutted Claire Ginther.been JuliaitAlbanna, was additional 5 mph front from left, No special found, Sonya Betancourt Not pictured: limit, also includes Elementary Miss Fallbrook reduced by an one was Carina Perez circumstances the 35 mph speed to a associated with Frazier limit in a suitable out of reach for theand Sonya Betancourt. Shavonne Donoghue, Mikala findings of specialtypical motorist to maintain issues led The 25 mph speed financially a although rounding not apparent to speed of School. zone when children are 85th percentile page A-4 the school Individual contestant are made. along statisticalwith the speed limit being see SOLDIER, photos by Ahrend Studios A-8 40 mph Periodic recertification, see RADAR, page speed survey, rounded down from just under Mikala Tidd with a supporting of the 247 radar 40 mph. Thirty-seven required for continued Ambassador ‘Live REAL ESTATE Wounded soldier, family get new Special k tax district formed for I-15 housing project home in Fallbroo EDUCATION Students of the Month honored Gum Tree Lane ent Supervisors recertify radar enforcem speed limit for thisweek Your Dream’ Program

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