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Achieve a healthy glow, A-10 VALLEY Mountain bike racing exploding across nation, B-2 Review: I, Frankenstein, B-9 NEWS February 14 – 20, 2014 A Section Volume 14, Issue 7 Courtesy photo Valley News - new look, same awardwinning local coverage Rosie (left) and Gerry Wilson, owners of Wilson Creek Winery, married in 1953 and have led a life of adventure, kindness, and love. Taken with toucans Risk takers turned wine makers Like wine, love grows better with age. Gerry and Rosie Wilson’s devotion for each other has transcended six decades. Throughout their journey filled with twists, pratfalls and ascensions, they have created a legacy for their family and the community of Temecula through a strong, sturdy foundation of amour and marriage. The year was 1952, Rosie was ahead of her time, a recent college graduate turning into a career woman setting up a center for Easter Seals in Boise Idaho. Gerry was a fresh-faced member of the Air Force ROTC program in town. The two shared some social circles but did not officially meet until they shared a train ride back to their hometowns to celebrate Christmas. Rosie was heading to Iowa and Gerry to Minnesota. “He was tall and blond and charismatic,” said Rosie. Rosie said a friend wanted to introduce her to him earlier and when she saw him on the train, she introduced herself. After the holidays, the two by chance happened to be on the same train heading back to Idaho. The two struck up a friendship, hung out with friends, played cards and skied. “I didn’t know how to ski,” said Gerry, “but I was told Rosie loved Sandra Shrader Special to the Valley News to ski so I pretended.” “I found out Gerry couldn’t ski when we got to the top of the ski lift and he didn’t know how to jump off,” said Rosie. Rosie said she stayed with him for a while before skiing ahead and waiting for him at the bottom. Gerry did not let Rosie get too far out of his reach – six months after they met the two were engaged and see WILSON, page A-7 Students practice CPR during week-long event at Great Oak High School Shane Gibson photo Alex Groves Staff Writer Dan Sitar from Inland Valley Medical Center demonstrates basic CPR methods to interested students at Great Oak High School. Hundreds of Great Oak High School students lined up each day from 12 to 1 p.m. to learn basic CPR skills during a one week event from February 3-7 that was facilitated by the school’s brand new CPR club. The “Sidewalk CPR Event” was attended by two different fire agencies as well as officials from Inland Valley Medical Center who helped students practice proper compression techniques on dummies, according to CPR club parent Dawnelle Anderson. Anderson is the mother of 14-year-old high school freshman Dawson Anderson, who founded the club along with three other friends (Jake Gambino, Brenden Jensen, and Jayson Palmer) after he became inspired to learn CPR. During a summer trip not long before the start of the school year, Dawson witnessed his mother save one of his friend’s lives. The friend had gone along with the Andersons and appeared to be fairing well when his heart unexpectedly stopped. Dawnelle immediately turned to her experience as a staff member at Inland Valley Medical Center and performed CPR, saving the friend’s life. It was that kind of quick-thinking see CPR, page A-6 Synthetic turf to be placed in Murrieta Sports Park Bevi Edlund Special to the Valley News Football and soccer players who play at Los Alamos Hills Sports Park in Murrieta could be playing on the same turf as NFL players. The current turf at the sports park will soon be removed from the football and soccer fields and replaced with synthetic fields. Construction will be done by Sprinturf, whom have experience in placing synthetic turf in an NFL field, a Murrieta city requirement. Why experience in an NFL field? “The NFL has valuable players and they’re going to look for a safe product, and they have the resources beyond what we have,” said Jim Holston, assistant city manager, who presented information to the council. “This helps to make sure [the bidders] have a see TURF, page A-7 COMING APRIL 2014 see NEWSPAPER, page A-4 Home & Garden Gerry & Rosie Wilson Michelle Mears-Gerst Special to the Valley News The Valley News, founded in 2000, has a new format starting this week. The tall tab, which used to be 11 inches wide by 16 inches tall, is now 11 in. wide by 22 inches tall. “While I have always been a fan of the tall, tabloid size we’ve had since 1997, it just made sense to jump to broadsheet,” said publisher Julie Reeder. “In addition to immediate economic advantages, it allows us greater creativity with layout, the use of standard advertising sizes for the agencies we work with, and the ability to accept inserts that didn’t fit into our tab format. We also now have the ability to do more sections, which makes it nice.” Most people like to think that they have some kind of master plan for their lives, but for Jerry Jennings fate came disguised as a pair of toucans in a San Fernando Valley pet store in 1976. see page B-11 Temecula becomes city in transition New faces fill ranks of top staff Tim O’Leary Staff Writer A pair of high profile dismissals and a surge of retirements have fueled a clean sweep of Temecula’s upper echelon over the past two years. Temecula officials say they recognize, but are not deterred by, the across-the-board turnover at the top. The turnover was inevitable, they say, and it will inject new ideas and practices into Temecula’s operations as the city prepares to celebrate its silver anniversary late this year. see STAFF, page A-5 thisweek Businesss Directory ������������������� B-11 Calendar ��������������������������������������B-8 Classifieds �������������������������������� B-11 Coupons ��������������������������������������B-8 Dining Guide �������������������������������A-8 Education �������������������������������������B-4 Entertainment �����������������������������B-9 Hard News ���������������������������������A-2 Health ........................................ A-11 Home & Garden ��������������������� B-10 Local ..............................................A-3 Pets ............................................. 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