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“Good News - Let's Build It Together” BULLYing BULLYing Issue I: PART I Issue: PART MarchI20, 2011II March 20, 2011 E LOV URA GE VES I T I POS YS A W AL VES I T I POS IN G RA U CO N ENCE O ood f G ED TER children and and the children theARTS ARTS cre FOCUSING a t ing ON ITI ED EN ingC show Chhiilld C drreenn POVERTY cafeteria food poetry spreading sex slavery on BEING writing KINDNESS m m o photography associations c C C hh ii dream ACT PURPOSE ll dd rr bully S ee nn ’’ FREEDOM d e S Declaration d Declaration TT (gui ss R R respect AA STANDING health-issues mutual ( VALUES F R E E Y VERSIT E I CHILDREN’S RIGHTS Fighting D TS (ideas GRAC COLLECTORS example H RIGHTS G I R REN’S hopeful interest TS D L I H R C G responsibility N creating I A EN K responsibility A W GAY? friendly A faith HOPE (RECOGNIZING RIGHTS loving IMPORTANCE RIGHTS BELIEFS prejudice GIVING ACT tive? PROGRAMS Nega COURAGE ACTION MIsson creating ARTS allowing (THOUGHT PURPOSE children and the ARTS cafeteria food THOUGHTSP R LUNCH PROGRAMS musicVv(ACTION NEED IN associations CIP theater BE attitude Children’s L UNDOCUMENTED E S Rights GOD guidannce ALLOWING change ARTSbully CHANGE sharing TM lunch (high standards dance TM ING STAND


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