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the Vanderbilt Executive Development Institute ACHIEVING OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE A two-day program to help you improve efficiency and win more customers Within each organization is the opportunity to revolutionize operations and business results through effective strategies and increased efficiencies. Achieving operational excellence requires high-performance processes that outpace the competition by aligning with the competitive strategy of the organization to deliver better value to customers. In this interactive program, you will learn how to transform your operational processes into competitive weapons by making them leaner, faster and better coordinated with the goals and missions of your organization. This program uses a mixture of cases, discussions and hands-on exercises to provide the best learning experience for the busy manager. The Bottom Line Value to You and Your Organization You’ll learn ideas and techniques you can apply right away, including: n Tactics for turning your operating processes into competitive advantage practices for aligning your operating strategies with your organization’s markets, core competencies and business goals n How to identify opportunities to reduce waste and inefficiencies and to increase your value/ cost ratio n Proven strategies to help you win more customers through faster response rates and increased customer satisfaction n Frameworks for understanding the critical role that operations plays in matching changing customer needs with adaptive operations n Methods that identify what keeps your operations from achieving optimal performance n How to challenge assumptions and discover “truths” that are invalid n Understanding how to transform failure into success n Strategies for building operations that have a strong fly-wheel effect and are mutually reinforcing for best performance n Best Your Instructor* David M. Dilts, PhD, MBA, CMA Director, Strategy Alignment, Knight Cancer Institute Professor of Management, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Co-Director, Center for Management Research in Healthcare Dr. Dilts is Director of Strategy Alignment for the Knight Cancer Institute, Professor of Management and Co-Director of the Center for Management Research in Healthcare (cMRHc. org) at the Oregon Health & Science University. He brings a unique perspective to operational issues, coupled with a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in diverse environments. His work has been published in leading academic journals as diverse as Science—Translational Medicine, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Technology Transfer and International Journal of Agile Manufacturing. His work has resulted in numerous awards, most recently a 2011 National Institutes of Health Award of Merit. *Program content and faculty subject to change; check website for details.

Executive Development Institute - Achieving Operational Excellence

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