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uwlaw SPR ING 20 1 4 2 Dear alumni and friends, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor vists UW Law Innocence Project Northwest celebrates 15th anniversary UW Law part of innovative Tech Policy Lab Asian Law Center celebrates 50th anniversary Departments A L AW D E G R EE I N AC T I O N Yoichi Shio ’04 28 B O O K S & B E YO N D 32 I N T H E S P OT L I G H T 34 Features R E C EN T FAC U LT Y N E W S SID at 20 C L A S S N OT E S 10 In these pages are also the names and faces of friends who have passed on, people whose legacy and impact will be felt for decades to come. Among them is Wayne Gittinger ’57, who was a lifelong supporter of the University of Washington School of Law. In fact, the office that I’m writing this from is named after Wayne and his wife Anne. Wayne was always willing to serve on the school’s boards and committees, and said yes to whatever was asked of him. 55 58 Honoring the Legacy, Eyeing the Future IN MEMORIAM Jack MacDonald R EP O R T TO D O N O R S 18 42 65 His Historic Gift Q&A 24 with Professor Eric Schnapper Last fall, we also lost Jack MacDonald, a 1940 graduate of our school. You will read about Jack’s remarkable story in this issue and I think you’ll be inspired by the same generosity, vision and fierce 18 10 28 UW Law Volume 67 Spring 2014 Dean Kellye Y. Testy Editor Alison Jones Copyright 2014 University of Washington School of Law. All rights reserved. UW Law is published once a year by the University of Washington School of Law. CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Sharon Ernst, Grace Feldman, Stuart Glascock, Alison Jones, Annica Mattus and Tiffany Sevareid CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Kerry Dahlen, Matt Hagen, Alison Jones, Devon Kelley, Tiffany Sevareid and Jack Storms 2 DESIGN Jo-Ann Sire 24 44 spirit that always impressed me when I spent time with Jack. He cared deeply for the University of Washington School of Law and was compelled to give back to the institution that he felt gave him so much. His investment will reach every corner of the law school and every student who studies here for generations. There have also been happy occasions throughout this year. A few months ago, I got to attend the 100th birthday party of John Davis, a classmate of Jack’s, at Davis, Wright, Tremaine, the law firm he founded. John is our oldest living alumnus, and as I looked around the room at this celebration, I got to see the faces of generations of attorneys influenced by this great man. In the midst of these losses and celebrations, I was struck by the inspiring legacy our alumni offer. Our graduates exemplify giving and service and motivate me to continue to work hard to build the kind of school that serves not only our profession, but our world. This inspiration doesn’t just live in the past, however. I see it every day in the faces of the students currently walking our halls, dedicating themselves to the study of law to make positive change and to solve the world’s most pressing problems. At a press conference last fall, I told the world that the future of the University of Washington School of Law has never been brighter. I believe that now more than ever. It is a belief founded on the generosity of our alumni, the dedication of our faculty and staff, the caliber of our students and the power of our community. Thank you for being a part of it. EDITORIAL OFFICE AND SUBSCRIPTION CHANGES FA L L 2 012 Gates Foundation donates $1 million to support public service As this academic year nears its end and I think back over all the tremendous accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and alumni over recent months, I am filled with pride and optimism for the future of our great school. The pages of this magazine are filled with stories of new initiatives, historic milestones, bold ideas and inspiring philanthropy. These stories reflect the aspiration of this institution, to be a place that creates leaders for the global common good. UW Law, William H. Gates Hall, Room 383 University of Washington School of Law Box 353020, Seattle, WA 98195-3020 Email: Kellye Y. Testy Dean, UW School of Law James W. Mifflin University Professor uw law Law School News MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN 3

UW Law Spring 2014

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