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Books & Collaboration Grace E. Feldman What does collaboration look like? To some, Behind the scenes (or the shelves rather), The collaborative efforts of the Law Library are Recently, the Law Library joined its biggest the thought of collaboration invokes visions collaboration abounds as well. Collection not confined within its walls; they stretch beyond collaborative effort yet. The Law Library along of a busy and noisy group—working together, development librarians maintain close the state of Washington to reinforce UW Law’s with all the University of Washington Libraries sharing ideas and tossing documents across relationships with UW Law faculty to inform Law national presence. Together with the Ohio moved to connect with the world’s largest tables strewn with coffee cups, pens, pencils, Library decisions to purchase resources and State University Moritz College of Law and the shared catalog. Joining 36 other college and iPads, laptops and notepads. Although the subscribe to databases. Technical services staff University of Pittsburgh School of Law, staff university libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Gallagher Law Library might seem like a hushed acquire, catalog and prepare print materials for of the Gallagher Law Library coedit the Legal Idaho—known as the Orbis Cascade Alliance place to a cursory visitor, it houses a busy, lively patron use while also preserving the existing Scholarship Blog (http://legalscholarshipblog. (, the Law Library’s and wonderfully collaborative group. At the heart collection for future researchers. Technical com). The blog facilitates the legal academy’s participation in moving to a shared catalog of the Law Library’s primary mission to support services staff also focus on building and development and dissemination of scholarship unlocks countless opportunities for collaboration. the curricular and research needs of UW Law is maintaining electronic tools that help library by alerting law professors (and aspiring law This collaboration will translate to improved a dedicated group of librarians and library staff users locate resources. Circulation and resource professors) to upcoming conferences and resource sharing and will allow broader access who share resources and expertise with students, sharing staff manage and monitor materials, calls for papers. The blog also informs readers to materials for students, faculty, staff and other staff, faculty and members of the Seattle helping to connect visitors with resources both about colloquia and workshops for papers library visitors! You can try out the beta version community and beyond. in the library and in other libraries (via interlibrary at law schools around the country each day. of the new catalog at the Gallagher Law Library loan). Reference librarians consult with UW With over 500 followers on Twitter, the Legal website ( Law faculty to provide research and reference Scholarship Blog represents a valuable resource services that informs their excellent scholarship. to legal academics across the country. The Reference librarians also meet with UW Law Legal Scholarship Blog is just one of countless students both in their classes and one-on-one, to collaborations that the Law Library contributes to provide individual research instruction for their in support of UW Law. around the Law Library, collaboration can be found everywhere: in the carefully selected materials waiting to be shelved at the Circulation Desk, in the visitors asking questions at the Reference Office, in the law students working together in the new Student Org Space on L2 and in the researchers using library-sponsored databases at the computer terminals. papers and assignments. The guided instruction provides students with skills to find the best resources efficiently, allowing students more time to write and develop their projects. Working together means improving the quality of the work of UW Law students, faculty, staff and other Law Library visitors. The Gallagher Law Library is proud that its collaboration provides useful resources available to all patrons, improves faculty and student scholarship, practical skills development for students and above all, service for the global common good! S P R I N G 2 014 collaborative environment for UW Law. Looking uw law The Law Library takes pride in fostering a 34 34 Beyond 35 35

UW Law Spring 2014

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