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Commencement Address Allan (Bud) Selig University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee May 19, 2013 It is truly an honor to stand before you today. I thank Chancellor Michael Lovell and all of his colleagues for extending the invitation and affording me the opportunity to share this special day with each of you – at the dawn of such an exciting chapter in your life. I am also extremely honored to be the recipient of the honorary Doctorate of Business at the same time that my dear friend Marianne Lubar receives the Doctorate of Leadership in the Arts. Marianne is a visionary in the cultural arts community and her work in philanthropy as well as education is amongst her many remarkable accomplishments. I can think of no one more deserving of this honor. To today’s graduates, I want you to know that as you move on from this great research institution and its beautiful campus, you will realize that few occasions in your life are as important, as meaningful and as symbolic as today. This is a moment of passage, calling for you to carry a spirit of courage and a clear vision for the future. If the idea of new responsibilities gives you any trepidation, you should not worry. To the contrary, you should be excited for all the possibilities that await you. As the Commissioner of Baseball, I have the utmost professional pride in leading the sport of the great Jackie Robinson, a man who redefined what was possible in our game and – ultimately – in our society. He provided a wonderful example for you to follow. This son of a family of sharecroppers authored the game’s proudest and most powerful moment on April 15, 1947, when he took his rightful place at first base and ended baseball’s color barrier. Seven years before the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case and three years before the integration of the U.S. Army, the beginnings of justice could be found on the diamond at Ebbets Field. Last month marked the debut of the brilliant movie depicting his life, ‘42.’ The inspiring film reinforces that Jackie Robinson earned one of America’s enduring legacies not only because of his remarkable athletic gifts – he impacted the Civil Rights Movement because of the grace with which he handled unprecedented scrutiny. The vibrant memory of Jackie Robinson reminds all of us that our deeds can open up new doors of possibility and blaze a lasting trail for others in the process. You should always have faith in the power of possibilities. Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Today marks an occasion that you have dreamt about for much of your lives, and that’s why this milestone is so extraordinary. Once today’s well-deserved celebrations are complete, you should devote your passion toward the realization of your dreams.

20130519 commencement address allan bud selig

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