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S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 Biology of the Florida Keys BIO 298 3 Credits NS/LS The Course BIO 298, Biology of the Florida Keys, is snorkel-based course that will introduce students to the life that inhabits the marine ecosystems of the Florida Keys. Students will travel to Marine Lab in Key Largo Florida for 7 very full days of snorkeling, field trips, lab activities, fieldwork and discussions. Prior to heading to the Keys, students will complete an online orientation and introduction to the Florida Keys assignment and attend a face-to-face orientation to meet the other participants and learn about Sea Turtle Biology. After returning from the trip, students will complete and submit their final lab notebook and assignments for grading. -“The best ‘vacation’ I have ever been on!” Marine Lab, Key Largo Marine Lab is an educational facility located in Key Largo Florida. Marine Lab hosts groups of students ranging from elementary school students to college and adult student groups year round. Marine Lab is located on the Atlantic Ocean side of Key Largo on Largo Sound. For more information on Marine Lab’s facilities please visit: and watch their video at: 3 Main Areas of Focus Mangroves Sea Grasses Coral Reef Learn about and snorkel in these trees that grow along the coastline of the keys. You will have the chance to explore this important nursery area for many species. Swim with parrotfish, sea fans, jellyfish and much more at several reef locations.

Biology of the keys brochure 2014

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