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Science & Health U NIVERSIT Y OF WIS CONS IN-L A C RO S S E CO LLE G E O F S C I E NC E A N D H EALT H N EW SL ET T ER V OL U ME 9, N U MBER 1 WINTER 2013-14 Girls in Science program celebrates 15 years BOYS CAMP IS THREE YEARS OLD For 15 years, SAH and Continuing Education have partnered to offer a weekend summer science program for middle school girls. Three years ago, a boys’ program was added as a separate, but similar program. This past summer, more than 75 students from across Wisconsin and surrounding states spent a weekend on campus learning more about science and mathematics. The hope in offering the programs is to maintain students’ interest in science and mathematics and, hopefully, encourage more to pursue careers in these areas. So far, the Girls in Science program has served more than 600 girls, while the Boys Exploration Camp has reached out to 100. Girls in Science, which began as a collaboration with Sandy Grunwald (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Susan Kelly (Mathematics) and Penny Tiedt (Continuing Education), targets middle school students — a time when many girls begin to shy away from science. Feedback from girls in the program suggests it’s a positive step for attracting more women into science. One wrote, “I really enjoyed it because I got to learn about things that I sometimes wondered about.” Another CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 >>

UW-La Crosse Science and Heath Newsletter winter 2013-14

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