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Science & Health U NIVERSIT Y OF WIS CONS IN-L A C RO S S E CO LLE G E O F S C I E NC E A N D H EALT H N EW SL ET T ER V OL U ME 8, N U MBER 2 Exercising its history SUMMER 2013 EXERCISE AND SPORT SCIENCE CELEBRATING CENTENNIAL Since 1913, the department now named Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) has offered professional education programs related to health, physical education and sport. Now is the time to celebrate that history. In 1913, the mission was to educate teachers by first offering a certificate, then a degree in physical education. With the graduating of qualified physical educators, the number of students in the department continued to increase. In the 1970s the number of students in the UW-L Department of Physical Education reached its peak of approximately 1,500 undergraduates. Program development in the 1970s and 1980s included adding cardiac rehabilitation, athletic training, sport management and exercise science. The programs have reached a level of national and in some cases international recognition. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 >>

UW-L Science & Health News Summer 2013

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