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What to Bring Fabulous ideas for living on campus at the University of Texas at Austin First, the basics: Extra Sheets, Pillows, blankets, and anything else you want for a comfy bed Long Tw in shee ts Every room has a lockable drawer for each roommate.. you just need to bring the lock! Power Strip don’t forget your toothbrush! First aid kit and meds have the basics on hand so you’re prepared! Dishes and utensils you never know when you’ll get hungry in your room! (when you cut yourself or get a headache, the last thing you want to do is go to the store) cOMPACT fLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS ARE REQUIRED FOR ANY LAMPS YOU BRING. cflS USE 75% LESS ENERGY AND PRODUCE 75% LESS HEAT. pLUS, THEY LAST 6 tIMES AS LONG! Laundry Supplies Low Suds for more ideas, see and (The machines take quarters and Bevo Bucks) plastic storage to organize your life some Things you may want: ) s ( e i m o o r r u o Talk to syta rt ro ll in g out in m id -j u ly ) (a s s ig n m en ts n Maybe y’all ca share... S ize RG-6 or RG-59 iF YOU HAVE A pRIVATE OR CONNECTING bATH: you’ll be responsible for providing hand soap toilet tissu e . s e i l p p u s ng i n ! a n e a l e l c c g m n i oo br r h o t t a b d e e r u n You’ll you to keep yo It’s up to this is a toilet brush.. hope you know how to use it! 5 ft 8 ft RUG Coffee Pot 12-cup or smaller Stuff that’s already in your room: For each Roommate.. a bed (including a mattress) And one.. (also good for heating water for ramen noodles!) Blender mmm...smoothies! please leave this prohibited stuff at home: a Desk and a Chair (furniture style varies by hall) Drawers and closet space for your clothes please don’t bring your own. Weapons of any kind...real or fake Anything with an open flame, including Incense or Candles, These appliances and others like them create a fire hazard in the halls. whether the wick has ever been burned or not, it doesn’t matter. For a complete list of prohibited items, please see division of housing and food service • Division of Student Affairs • The University of Texas at Austin

DHFS What To Bring

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