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THIS ISSUE: Updated Alumni Endowment Grant Guidelines  New Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs  Student Summer Research 2011 SUPPORTING THE Volume 2 Issue 1 Fall 2011 Dental Research OF DENTISTRY TODAY MESSAGE from the SENIOR EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE DEAN for RESEARCH It is hard to believe that this Dental Research Newsletter is one year old – the past year has gone by so quickly, yet so much has happened within that short time! Despite the laundry list of changes in the College of Dentistry as a whole, I would like to focus on the changes that have occurred just within dental research. Most notably, the Bioscience Research Center is nearly completed, creating an additional 1600 square feet of usable laboratory space in the dental building. This center will serve as the remineralization/demineralization core, also specializing in biofilm virulence analysis, metabolomics, and dental erosion research. The space will be available for use by November. Renovation of additional research space is also started with the Clinical Research Center. What used to be the Graduate Periodontology Clinic is being changed into a new clinical research space. This center is the first of its kind in the College of Dentistry and will be a key tool in securing industrysponsored clinical trials in Memphis. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, D.D.S., M.S. Outside of the tangible changes, as is discussed in detail later in this issue, updates have been made to the guidelines for the Alumni Endowment Grants. Pre- and post-award expectations and procedures are more clearly defined, supporting a streamlined grant process. Also, the guidelines for the Student Summer Research Fellowship have been updated to reflect the logistical changes that have occurred around the program. In addition, as was highlighted in the last issue of Dental Research, there has been an increase in research activity in the College as well as a shift in demographics of those engaged in research. The number of grants submitted and awarded has increased; the amount of funding received nearly doubled; and, the number of publications and presentations has grown over the last year. Also, whereas the number of faculty engaged in research hasn’t seen a notable increase, the “demographics” of those faculty members has changed, with at least one faculty member from each department participating on a funded research project, as well as many new faculty starting research projects. It is always exciting to witness positive change within only a year of time. As our efforts to promote our dental research capabilities and collaborate across health science fields continue, we should see changes over the next year as well. So seize the opportunity to move with the changes and take advantage of them; become involved in research this year. And, there are still three months left to accomplish the research goals that you might have set up for yourself back in January. Dental Research edited by: Laurie Johnson, M.A.

Dental Research 2(1) - Fall 2011

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