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 2011 Student Research Day  New Department Chairs in the College of Dentistry  Research Spotlight: Cranberries in Dental Research SUPPORTING THE Volume 1 Issue 3 Spring 2011 Dental Research OF DENTISTRY TODAY MESSAGE from the SENIOR EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE DEAN for RESEARCH In the College of Dentistry at the University of Tennessee, we have an obligation to instruct our dental students on the fundamentals of dentistry – both in prevention and treatment. We work to create within the students the knowledge base necessary to develop advanced skills to provide exceptional patient care. We pride ourselves – as a community-based institution – to instill in our students the desire to be engaged in public service projects to improve oral health in underserved populations. And, we give them opportunities for hands-on clinical experience with state-of-the-art technologies and procedures. But we strive to go beyond what is required or expected by a dental college – to give students graduating from UTHSC an edge in their careers, whether that be in private practice or academia. And we do this through research. In the UT College of Dentistry, students have the opportunity and are strongly encouraged to conduct a research project, under the direction of a faculty mentor, at least once during their four year tenure. Each summer, pre-doctoral students can apply to participate in the Student Summer Research Program, offered through the generous support of the Dental Alumni Association. Approximately ten to fifteen students are accepted into the program, based upon project merit, clinical significance, and feasibility. These students are awarded a stipend to carry out their projects and then present at one to two research conferences. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, D.D.S., M.S. As is exemplified in this issue of Dental Research, students are taking advantage of this opportunity to gain research experience before graduating from UTHSC. Thirty-one students presented their research projects at the Annual Student Research Day held on the Memphis campus this past February. In addition, fourteen of those students also gave poster presentations at the Hinman Student Research Symposium that was held last October in Memphis and twelve students gave presentations at the annual American Association for Dental Research/International Association for Dental Research joint meeting held in San Diego in March. These students will take away from this experience more than just an increased knowledge of dentistry. This program’s importance also stretches beyond the student – enhancing the experience of the faculty mentors by introducing new perspectives into ongoing research, improving the policies and practices in the patient clinics, and heightening the engagement level throughout. Here at UTHSC, we are very proud and excited about what the future will bring with our student researchers! Dental Research edited by: Laurie Wedel, M.A. Communications Specialist | Research Coordinator

Dental Research 1(3) -Spring 2011

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