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spring 2010 Extracts + Graduates The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy Magazine for Alumni and Friends I N S I D E Student to Scientist 3 From the Development Director 4 Faculty Notes 8 Student Features 9 Alumni Capsules 11 The Heart of the Matter Pharmacy Bowl Champions, Page 9. College continues Future of Pharmacy campaign, Page 4. For patients in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at The University of Toledo Medical Center, the support and care of a multidisciplinary team provide them with the tools they need to move forward into a healthier future. The program, open to patients who have suffered cardiac events or heart problems, helps patients to get fit and improve their overall health. In fact, according to the American Heart Journal article entitled “Clinical Evidence for a Health Benefit from Cardiac Rehabilitation,” patients participating in such programs experience “a 25-30 percent reduction in total and cardiovascular mortality” compared to patients who do not participate in cardiac rehab. Patients who enroll in the 12-week program at UTMC work with a team that includes a physician, nurses, exercise physiologists, a dietician and a pharmacist who educate them on various aspects of their disease states. The medical professionals use education as a means to better health. Katie Roberts, a nurse in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program, says “It’s important for us, as professionals, to continually be in touch with patients and help them to understand what’s going on with their health.” During the Cardiac Rehab program’s clinic hours, the Morse Center is buzzing with activity. Patients begin each session by having their vitals taken and recorded by the staff; weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and heart rate are markers of patients’ progress during the program. Patients spend an hour exercising while wearing a heart monitor to help them stay within their target heart rate ranges. The Cardiac Rehab staff tailors an individual program for each patient, taking into account their physical abilities and risk factors. Following exercise, patients attend continued on page 5

Spring 2010 Extracts & Graduates

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