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FA L L 2 0 1 0 Extracts + Graduates TThe University of Toledo College of Pharmacy Magazine for Alumni and Friends I N S I D E Outstanding Alumni 4 Faculty Notes 8 Student Features 9 Alumni Capsules 12 The Future of Pharmacy, Now Marcia McInerney, Distinguished University Porfessor, Page 5. Pharmacy Camp, Page 10. After years of planning, the Future of Pharmacy has arrived at The University of Toledo. The College of Pharmacy has seen monumental growth in its student population, from 800 students in 2001 to over 1,500 students today. This growth and the University’s 2006 merger with the Medical University of Ohio have allowed the college to expand to a newly constructed facility on the University’s Health Science Campus, home of The University of Toledo Medical Center. Each of the college’s degree programs has evolved since 2001, along with its residency porgrams. The PharmD program has stabilized at 108 students per class and has the support of a number of community and Health Science Campus clinicians. Over the last three years, 15 percent of the graduating PharmD students have entered residency training. The BS in pharmaceutical sciences (BSPS) programs, composed of four majors, have met their enrollment cap of 90 students and include international internship sites in Szeged and Budapest, Hungary. BSPS graduates populate the MS in pharmaceutical sciences programs and PhD in medicinal chemistry, and they have been successful in physician assistant, public health, nursing and medical programs. The college’s PhD program in medicinal chemistry has placed more than 30 graduates in postdoctoral positions, academia and industry as it reached the significant milestone of its 20th anniversary. The pharmacy and critical care residency programs, which have been based at The University of Toledo Medical Center for several years, have grown to include five residents each year. Postdoctoral students are training in the laboratories of several of our faculty members. continued on page 3

Fall 2010 Extracts & Graduates

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