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August 2010 Dedicated to you Your College of Pharmacy has had a busy summer of packing boxes and getting situated in our new space on the university’s Health Science Campus. As students return to campus, they will have access to the amenities on both campuses and will undoubtedly be excited to work with their colleagues on the Health Science Campus. We are eagerly awaiting the building dedication on September 3, our official welcome to the campus and our chance to show you our stunning new space. This new venture would not have been possible without the dedication, support and generosity of the college’s many alumni, donors and friends. Become a White Coat Mentor The White Coat Mentor program has proven to benefit UT students in more ways than one. The program helps offset costs for the annual Professional Advancement ceremony, at which students receive their white coats and are welcomed into the college’s professional division. Furthermore, the program allows alumni to connect with and mentor current students who will one day join the professions of pharmacy or pharmaceutical science. The students have a unique opportunity to learn about UT from the perspective of an alumnus while being trained to become professionals. To learn more about the White Coat Mentor program or to become a mentor, read more. A chocoholic’s dream come true A few bites of dark chocolate a day can help prevent extensive brain injury from a stroke, according to research by Dr. Zahoor Shah, UT assistant professor of medicinal and biological chemistry. Shah was a member of a research team that studied the effects of epicatechin, found abundantly in cocoa, both before and after a stroke. “It doesn’t give you a license to each chocolate all day, every day,” he said. “But chocolate can be good for you.” Read more Dr. Monica Holiday-Goodman selected as AACP fellow Pharmacy Practice Professor, Dr. Monica Holiday-Goodman, was selected as an Academic Leadership Fellow by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. She is one of 29 fellows selected nationwide to participate in the program this year. The program's intent is to "develop the nation's most promising pharmacy faculty for roles as leaders in academic pharmacy and higher education." (Source: AACP)

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