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Public Parking Forest Ave. To I-40/I-75 Public Parking Forest Ave. Dr. L&N Depot REGAL SOCCER STADIUM a 11th St. 12th St. 14th St. 13th St. FERRIS 158 PASQUA NUCLEAR ENGINEERING SHIELDSWATKINS FIELD ss BERRY . DR D Y AN G YL OLO EX NE BI ANN COMMUNICATIONS & UNIV. EXTENSION ANDY HOLT er TOWER ul m pF illi Ph "Vol Navy" Boat Docks r. nD arti Henley Street Bridge LADY VOLS CREW BOATHOUSE ) r ive AKE eR L se OUN s e nn UD Te LO T OR T. M To Gatlinburg, Sevierville Baptist Hospital (F PRATT PAVILION STEAM PLANT LEE SOFTBALL STADIUM GRAPHIC ARTS SERVICES Stephenson Dr. Neyland Drive Ave. 441 Cr. Second Morg Poplar St. DOUGHERTY Rd. w Dr. scla Hold Estabrook c ique Cham Middle Way Dr. Way Cir ROBERT M. LINDSAY FIELD at LINDSEY NELSON STADIUM EARTH & PLANETARY SCIENCES PERKINS Lo we rD r. Dr. KAT Transfer Station . PLOTT BARN Leinard Ln. Grey Zone Dr. Hill Blvd FORESTRY PRODUCTS RESOURCES 158 White Zone elton Maplehurst Bed & Breakfast THOMPSON-BOLING ASSEMBLY CENTER & ARENA BRENDA LAWSON ATHLETIC CENTER HASLAM FIELD Downtown Knoxville AGRICULTURE OFFICES BLDG TEACHING GREENHOUSE Orange Zone oun t. itt S H Todd Third Cr. Football Parking Zones STUDENT SERVICES NEYLANDTHOMPSON SPORTS CENTER umm d S Jacob Dr. P a r k D r. Hea RESEARCH GREENHOUSE UT Gardens Majo Pat Publications & Services Fletcher. Luck Ln n Dr. Chapma TENNESSEE DIVISION OF FORESTRY COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE (Teaching Hospital) r. rs D le Loud ny John McCLUNG MUSEUM Lake Dr. T PLAN CAL PHYSI GREENHOUSES LL S HA GIBB rk y Pa rnit Frate Way HEARING & SPEECH CTR. t. teer n Volu Blvd. Main Ave. Hampton Inn & Suites NIELSEN A ME LUM BU MOR NI ILD IAL ING g Pa annin on M itt S INTRAMURAL FIELDS Ave. NURSING CAMPUS PARKING INFORMATION TIC ER SCIENCE and ENGINEERING BAILEY EDUCATION COMPLEX Peyt MUSIC THLE ELY A R STOK CENTE Middle Fulmer mm THORNTON ATHLETICS STUDENT LIFE CENTER Ave. CLAXTON EDUCATION BUILDING AND ART ECTURE IT ARCH d Su TOM BLACK TRACK at LaPORTE STADIUM ssee Tenneation RecreStudents r S) Ctr. fo (T-REC MICS CERA TION ADDI Holt East Hea PLANT SCIENCES ANNEX B RASS PENDERGRY LIBRA Pool Tennis Courts SPORTS BUBBLE CAROUSEL THEATRE Pat GROWTH CHAMBERS LAB Dr. ANIMAL SCIENCES LAB BUSINESS INCUBATOR BUILDING U.T. UT Agriculture Campus son Dr. hn Joe Jo TIC AQUATER CEN JONES LLAN LLEGIATE AConstruction CO TER INTERATIC CEN AQU N ATIO ORT ES NSP TRA SERVIC rive SWORTH HOLLING AUD. N CATIO.R.) EDU(H .P.E ND IES ACES ANIT HUM IAL SCIEN SOC AMPHITHEATRE STUDENT HEALTH CLARENCE CENTER BROWN THEATRE Andy RACHEFF RESEARCH BUILDING ON ELLINGTIENCES SC PLANT CAL PHYSI McCLUNG TOWER n & Jo hnso Joe Jo 23A Ave. MORRILL HALL Holt ria ard P hn W BLACK CULTURAL CTR. t. Dr. . River Dr nd D Neyla iver ssee R AKE) TenneUDOUN L LO (FORT M C.E. BREH ANIMALS SCIENCE APARTMENT RESIDENCE HALL ll n Ma Blvd. EQUITY & HOPECOTE DIVERSITY cis S PLANT BIOTECH Chapman McLEOD HALL ice St . EERING EMS ENGIN IENCE BIOSYSTONMENTAL SC & ENVIR Se rv VOLUNTEER BLVD PARKING GARAGE AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING OFFICES Univ. Honors Andy SOUTH COLLEGE SL DABNEY/ BUEHLER Ave. OSE MELRALL H AUSTIN PEAY LL edest PRESIDENTIAL COURT HUMES HALL St. CROPS GENETICS LAB FOOD SAFETY & PROCESSING ee ess enn of T al rsity ospit nive l H e U oria To th Mem HODGES LIBRARY e. se Av HA HESS Phillip Melrose Fran MORGAN HALL CARRICK HALL Catholic Baptist AYRES HALL HE Cumberland Church Ave. Construction BURCHFIEL Money Wall HASLAM BUSINESS BUILDING UT POLICE 974-3111 The Hill WALTERS STOKELY MGT. CENTER Ctr. for International Ed. Knoxville Convention Center Pedestrian Bridge Circle Dr. Post Office COUNSELING CTR. Volunteer CERAMICS ANNEX Shelbourne Towers GREVE HALL Circ le n Christian Presbyterian REESE HALL TENNIS STADIUM DUNFORD TYSON ALUMNI CENTER INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Methodist TEMPLE COURT Student Success Center-Volunteer Clinch Ave. Knoxville Hilton Tennessee Amphitheater JESSIE HARRIS UNIVERSITY CENTER Melro Ave. 20th McCORD HALL Buck Karnes Bridge GOODFRIEND TENNIS CENTER Melrose Pl. Chi P St. oa A v e. Advent House West Alc ay hw GREENHOUSE A Hig MASSEY HALL Lutheran Student Success Center-Melrose Caledonia HENSON HALL Episcopal Lutheran Ave. Terrace ACONDA COURT Clinch Avenue Bridge Ave. CHILD DEV. LAB HOSKINS LIBRARY LAW LIBRARY Cumberland Foot Bridge Union Knoxville Convention/ Exhibition Holiday Center Inn Select Cumberland House Hotel Ave. TEXTILES PROCESSING LAB TAYLOR LAW CENTER STRONG HALL HOWARD H. BAKER JR. CENTER FOR PUBLIC POLICY Ave. hi Blvd. 129 St. Lake 11 19th St. Mountcastle 21st St. 22nd St. Fellowship CHILD DEVELOPMENT LAB Volunteer VISITORS’ CENTER 70 Ave. White Dr . Cumberland Fulton Bottoms Rugby Field CLEMENT HALL HUMAN ECOLOGY GRADUATE CENTER TANDEC WHITE AVENUE BUILDING nd Pike 18th Kingston Candy Factory Downtown Tunnel To I-40, I-275 Sunsphere WHITE AVE. BIOLOGY ANNEX yla Con Volunteer Hall C21 PANHELLENIC UT FEDERAL CREDIT UNION James Agee St. 16th St. Fort Sanders Area White Ave. World’s Fair Park Victorian Houses Ne Thompson Cancer Survival Center Knoxville Museum of Art Fort Kid ay cor dS t. Pl. y E. TN Childrens Hospital Clinch Ave. L&N Station Locust St. Lindsa 17th St. 18th St. 19th St. 20th St. 21st St. Clinch Ave. Jersey Ave. St. Laurel Ave. Fort Sanders Area World’s Fair Hill it Henley St. 22nd St. Fort Sanders Hospital Third Cr. Sullins LAUREL APARTMENTS Laurel Ave. UTPD Impound Lot Bridge Ave. CHILD DEVELOPMENT LAB W 23nd St. Tyson Park r Ave. Fort Kid World’s Fair Park Dr. Painte LAUREL PARKING GARAGE To I-40/I-75 Highland Ave. World’s Fair Park Dr. Highland Ave. Highland Ave. Summ Parking Garage Clearances G3 - 6’6” clearance G4 - 6’8” clearance G6 - 6’0“ clearance G10 - 8’0” clearance 11th Street - 8’2” clearance Lake Avenue - 8’10” clearance Locust - 7’0“ clearance Volunteer Hall - 6’6” clearance 2011 Season

2011 Football Parking

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