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I s s u e V o l u m e 2 2 J A N 7 J U N E A BIANNUAL JOURNAL OF THE CENTER FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDEIS The Center for African American Studies (CAAS) was thrilled to host so many fantastic speakers at our Inaugural Conference, Critical Issues in Black Studies: Race in Context! The purpose of the CAAS Conference was to profile progressive research and program development focused on the diverse conditions of African Americans. Thursday, May 2nd, was focused on student enrichment models and best practices for success. Friday, May 3rd, was focused on community-based research conducted across the country. The conference had several keynote speeches and panel presentations that examined social and policy issues (e.g., education, health, social class, criminal justice) that impact Blacks in America and concluded with a community forum with local representatives discussing Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex race matters. Don’t forget to Save the Date for the 2nd Annual Conference on February 14-15, 2014!


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