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November 2013 Gr a du a te a nd La w Stu den t New s a nd V iew s Greetings to all Graduate and Law Students! What’s Inside Tijuana Day Trip 1 Theology on Tap 2 Fight for Air Walk 3 Writing Center 4 Changemaker/ 5 Taco Tuesday Not On My Watch/Care 6 Flu Shot 7 United Front Multicultural Center 8 USD Torero/Dining 9 PJGA/College of Arts & Sciences 10 Event Calendar 11 Ideal Lab 12 Stay Connected via Social Media USD Graduate and Law Student Commons @USDGradLawLife As a graduate student you have many amazing opportunities at your fingertips. The University of San Diego is a little more than 30 miles from what could be an eye-opening experience. The Mexican border is extremely close to us, yet very few students have taken the time out of their busy lives to take a trip to visit across the border. USD offers a unique opportunity to experience Mexico with University Ministry’s monthly, Ground Breaking Tijuana Day Trips. Below are a few reflections from graduate students who have recently attended the trip. If you are interested in signing up for upcoming trips or learning more about the experience please email Mark Peters; Upcoming trips: 11/9, 12/7, 2/15,4/5, 5/10 “I love to travel. People often think that traveling involves getting on a plane and flying great distances. While I would love to do that too, I am now in graduate school, constantly trying to get caught up. I also don't have the means to do that right now. The day trips to Mexico through the University Ministry give me the opportunity to still do what I love without spending much (if any) money or time traveling. When I am in Mexico, I feel like I am back in the Dominican Republic, or in the Republic of Moldova. Some places even reminded me of Vietnam or the Philippines. There is a common hospitality in which these people show toward their guests. Although I would like to be able to communicate more with those I meet at the Casa de las Memorias, I feel that our gestures, our laughter, our eyes -- they say it all for us. Every time I come back from visiting Mexico, I am grateful for all that I have: for my family, my health, my education. I am reminded of why I am in graduate school, why I strive to do well. I want to someday serve, directly or indirectly, those less fortunate.” Terri Phan: MEPN; Nursing program "Witnessing the contrast between the living conditions in San Diego and Tijuana, only a few miles away, was eye-opening. It served as a reminder to thank God for all that I've been blessed with, but most importantly, to give all that I can to those who have not been as fortunate." Amy Blythe: Higher Education Leadership “It is truly hard to pick one specific moment, but something that stuck out to me was the people of La Moritas’ commitment to their community. Even though the people had very little in terms of material wealth, their spiritual health was quite rich. They took the time to celebrate their culture, support the community and serve God. They spent their weekends building a new church to devote their time to the most important aspect of life, Faith.” Jenna Engler: School Counseling

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