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October 2013 Gr a du a te a nd La w Stu den t New s a nd V iew s   Greetings  to  all  Graduate  and  Law  Students!   W ha t’s In si de Welcome Note From GSC 1 Restorative Justice 2 Day of Action 3 Relay for Life 4 Now Hiring 5 Theology 6 on Tap Become A Changemaker 7 Events 8 Not On My Watch 11 Flu Shot 12 Event Calendar 13 Stay Connected v ia Social Media USD  Graduate  and  Law   Student  Commons     @USDGradLawLife     My name is Pamela D. Johnson. I am the newly elected Chair of the Graduate Student Council (GSC). I am a second year Doctoral student at the School of Nursing. The GSC and I want to extend a very warm welcome to the new and returning graduate and law students. The multiple graduate programs offered, the diverseness, and the brilliance of the graduate student community represents the University of San Diego’s academic eminence and rigor. The Graduate Student Council’s mission is to provide opportunities for networking, advocate for and serve as a resource, and to promote an active, engaged graduate student community. As we embark upon a new academic year the demands are high however, it is because of this that the rewards are so great. GSC is here to help navigate the complexities graduate and law students often encounter. I am excited about what lies ahead for our community. We have begun to implement processes that would allow for the dissemination of information and resources to be streamlined and readily available. We have initiated discussion forums for graduate organization student leaders to voice their and their constituents’ issues/concerns. We continue to provide community events in which we encourage all graduate and law students to attend. This year our key area of focus is to elevate the Graduate Student Council’s presence among the graduate student community. It is essential that the GSC has its ‘finger on the pulse’ of the graduate community because we represent you, we advocate for you, and we serve you! The University of San Diego is a vibrant mosaic of rich traditions and bold endeavors. We must commit ourselves to being the very best in everything we do. The Graduate Student Council and I wish you much success this school year! Best,   Pamela  D.  Johnson   GSC Chair Are  interested  in  joining  the  GSC  as  a  student  m ember?  If  you  are  looking   to  get  involved  you  are  encouraged  to  attend  our  m onthly  meetings  that   are  open  to  all  graduate  and  law  students.    We  meet  the  second   Wednesday  of  every  month  in  SLP  401.  Hope  to  see  you  there!   Oct.  9,  Nov.  13,  Dec.  11.  Feb.  12,  Mar.  12,  Apr.  9  from  7-­‐8:30  p.m.  

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