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February 2014 Gr a du a te a nd La w Stu den t New s a nd V iew s   Welcome Back Graduate and Law Students! W ha t’s In si de Welcome Back 1 Event Calendar 2 USD Campus Recreation 3 Relay for Life 4 Archbishop Wilton Gregory 5 UFMC 6 Event/Writing Center 7 Conversations with Carmen 8 La Gran Terraza 9 Lunch/RE/LGSA 10 ASIA 12 Innovation Celebration 13 Ideal Lab 14 Happy Hour 15 Whether you have just entered your first spring semester or your last, my challenge to you is to soak up every opportunity USD has to offer you. Graduate Student Life at USD provides not just a study space for you in the Student Life Pavilion room 401, with free coffee and tea, occasional snacks and of course every other week bagel breakfasts (9 a.m. on Feb. 5, 19), but also offers a whole array of events in collaboration with other departments, organizations and schools. If you are looking to get involved and stay updated with USD Graduate Student Life or even have ideas for events and programs you would like to see come into fruition this semester please reach out to me: Karen Friedlander at Save the Date! Friday, April 11, 2014 Stay Connected via Social Media USD  Graduate  and  Law   Student  Commons     @USDGradLawLife   The Graduate Student Council invites you to save the date for the annual GSC Padres game. More information will soon be available.

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